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Fisher-Price have a new range of baby toys that are really stylish, modern and bold. We’ve always been keen on Fisher-Price toys because they are bright and colourful and keep little one’s attention really well, and are really robust and long lasting too. This new range has kept all of those characteristics that make Fisher-Price baby toys so good, but has an added element of stylishness as well!

Jonathan Adler is an iconic American potter and designer, and has now come together with Fisher-Price to create this new line of toys.

We were sent four of the new toys for review, and they’ve been a hit with baby N (age 3 months) All of these toys are suitable from birth.

Selected products are available from Argos

Fisher-Price Activity Elephant and Fisher-Price Activity Alligator

Both of these activity toys have such lovely designs with bold colours and eye catching patterns, and so many different textures like crinkle, corduroy and plush, along with fun clacking and rattle sounds all to help develop baby’s senses.

Using the links at the top of these activity toys, you can attach them to the pram, carseat, cot, bouncing chair or anywhere else where baby plays, which I find really useful at this age when babies can’t always hold the toys so well, as it means they’re not able to drop the toy and then get frustrated.

I hang these up for N and she then pulls them and explores the different bits of them, and at other times she plays with them and looks at them while rolling around on the floor, so they’re versatile and good for all kinds of playtimes at home or on the go.

The bright colours of these toys definitely get her attention, and she loves the sounds and textures too, especially the crinkly bits. I really like the look of both of these, they’ve struck a really nice balance with being stylish and funky but still appealing to babies,so they would make a great baby gift too.

The activity elephant and alligator are RRP 12.99 each

Fisher-Price Monkey Mirror

This mirror toy has bold geometric designs and is ideal for tummy time, as it’s at just the right angle for babies to look at themselves when lying down on their front and raising their heads. N loves looking at herself in the mirror, and this monkey mirror has plenty to explore too, making it quite interactive. The mirror toy has lots of sensory-stimulating fun, including a panel within babys reach that crinkles, a monkey that squeaks, a parrot that jingles, bananas that clack, fleece grass thats soft to touch, and that great-big mirror for self-discovery.

N has always been quite strong on her tummy, but when Z was a baby he was quite reluctant to do his tummy time and the only thing that worked for him in the end was a mirror – so I would definitely recommend this toy for tummy time! The mirror folds up for storage and has an easy-to-seal closure, making it very practical.

The Monkey Mirror is RRP 19.99

Fisher-Price Signature Style Pegs

There are four of these available: the monkey rattle, the giraffe spinner, the silicone alligator teether and the panda mirror. We were sent the monkey rattle toy.

All of these smaller toys have bright colours to see and textures to touch and are perfect for at-home play or fun on the go. They’re quite light for young babies to easily hold and manage them with their little hands.

At the moment, we’ve attached our monkey rattle to the car seat as it’s ideal for N to hold and play with while sitting in there. The cute little purple monkey has different patterns on his arms, and his tummy has a rattle in it which is made up of little x and o shapes which is really cute. You see the x o pattern quite a lot throughout the new range.

The signature style pegs are RRP 4.99 each

For more about the new range, take a look at this video:

We were sent the toys in order to review

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