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The boys have been enjoying playing with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) figures over the past few months, and recently we got a very cool new toy to add to their TMNT play – a Z-Line Ninjas Deluxe Zipline Playset. There are four varieties available (two deluxe and two standard ones) and ours is the Z-Line Billboard Breakout Playset.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles zip lineThe Zipline playset is a lot of fun. The boys were so excited to see their turtles flying along the zipline! The set must be attached to the wall and the ends of each zipline must attach to other pieces of furniture which creates a large play space within the room.

billboard breakout teenage mutant ninja turtles deluxe zline playset

This is the wall attached backdrop for the Billboard breakout set. It is not too large so it’s not too obtrusive on the wall. We have attached this in Mr Z’s bedroom. To attach you need to use 3m command strips which are all supplied within the box. It does take a bit of time to set up the toy and attach it, but the end result is great and it seems to be attached very firmly and securely with no risk of falling down during play. I did ask the boys’ dad to set up the play set, upon opening the box I was a bit daunted by the amount of pieces (putting things together is really not my strong point!) but he managed it without much bother.

The ledge on the wall attached billboard area drops to throw the baddies down and create some excitement in the role play.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle spider bytez figureThis is how it looks when it’s dropped, with one of the baddies Spider Bytez. Spider Bytez is quite a chunky baddy and he actually doesn’t fit in that bit when it is closed but other baddies will do, and the turtles fit in there fine. All figures are so sold separately to the zipline playset so you can choose whichever ones you prefer. We were sent Spider Bytez and Raphael along with the playset and have also used some of our other figures like Battleshell figure Donatello. These Battleshell figures are the ones you will need to buy to fit with the zipline playsets. We also have a power sound fx figure who is slightly bigger so not suited to go on the zipline.

The billboard breakout set comes with three ziplines and we spread these out all over the room, attaching to a book shelf, another wall, and the side of Mr Z’s bed as it’s a mid sleeper.

teenage mutant ninja turtles zip lineThese ends of the ziplines are attached using clamps, and when not in use you can pop the string out of one end of the zipline so that it’s not left as an obstruction in the room. This is very easy and Mr Z is able to manage that himself.

teenage mutant ninja turtles zip line raphaelThe turtles figures grab on to the zipline holder with their hands in the same way that they would carry any of the weapons, you then hook it on to the top or bottom of the zip wire and they will zoom up or down by themselves. They don’t fall of easily, and it’s really fun. I did wonder how well they would travel across the wires or if it would be fiddly and frustrating for the children but it is not!

teenage mutant ninja turtles zipline zline playsetThis toy grabbed all of the boys attention (age 3-6) and they were easily able to play together with it, especially since the area is spread out with zipwires going to different parts of the room. The younger ones also enjoyed watching from above while Mr Z put on some stunt shows with the turtles

watching teenage mutant ninja turtlesI would definitely recommend putting it in the children’s rooms not the living area as you would be best leaving it up permanently or semi-permanantly. It’s not something that you can easily detach and move around the house but if you have a TMNT fan it would be a great feature for their room which I’m sure would be well loved and played with a lot.

The deluxe TMNT Z-Line Ninjas Zipline Playsets (Billboard Breakout and Water Tower Wash Out) are available for 34.99 and the smaller sets (Fire Escape Free Fall and New Window Wipe Out) are available for 24.99

Would your kids like these TMNT Z-Line ninjas deluxe zipline playsets? Let me know what you think of them!

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