Tissue Paper Mache Eggs

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Making paper mache can be a fun if not messy craft activity and often you use newspaper, but we decided on a twist and used tissue paper to make our tissue paper mache eggs.  You so don’t have to use real eggshells, but we have been saving them and I wanted to show the boys that you can have fun trying to match the two halves together!  Polystyrene eggs would be great for this or cardboard ones.

Tissue Paper Mache Eggs

Tissue paper mache eggs. A fun way to decorate eggs for Easter


egg shells for paper mache easter eggs

We have been collecting eggshells for planting our seeds in and rather than blowing out and decorating eggs, we decided to have a go at piercing two halves back together and then covering in paper mache tissue paper.  You could also use polystyrene eggs or pressed cardboard ones.

ripped tissue to make tissue paper mache

Whenever we receive tissue paper in packages I save it, so hence the pink and green eggs as that was what we had in.   So we tore the paper in to pieces, which the boys adored doing. It is great for fine motor skills and also for talking about approximation and attempting to tear the strips the same size, plus it was so much fun!

making tissue paper mache eggs

For the glue I used some paper mache paste we had in the cupboard, but you can make your own paste from flour and water or water down PVA (white) glue.

making tissue paper mache eggs

The boys then used the tissue to cover the eggs and hold them together.  This was a really fun, but very messy project and the eggs take quite a time to dry (ours were still wet 2 days later!)

tissue paper mache eggs. Fun egg decorating craft for Easter

We plan to decorate them further with some beads, glitter and ribbon and hang from our twig lights.

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