Tips On Travelling With Elderly Parents: Making Memories With Loved Ones

Travelling with elderly parents can be a challenging experience, but it’s also important. Taking care of your parents as they age is a loving and responsible thing to do, and travelling with them can provide many benefits for you and them. If you’re not sure how to go about it, don’t worry! We’ve got some tips to help make the process less stressful for everyone involved.

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Make Sure You Have A Good Plan

This may seem like an obvious first step, but it’s important to remember that your elderly parents are not as mobile or flexible as you are. That means you’ll need to plan your trip carefully, considering their needs and limitations. Talk to their doctor before you go to get advice on any special precautions you should take, and make sure you have all the necessary medical information with you (including a list of their medications).

For example, flying long hours could be problematic for your elderly parents when flying. You should consider breaking the journey into shorter flights if you can. Or, when you book accommodation, consider the accessibility of the property. If your parents have mobility issues, make sure the hotel you’ve booked into has an elevator, for instance.

Visit Destinations They’d Be Interested In

Your elderly parents may not be able to handle a packed itinerary, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy seeing new places. When choosing a destination, pick somewhere your parents would be interested in, and that won’t require too much walking or other physical activity. If you’re not sure what they’d like, ask them! This is their trip, too, after all.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your parents may not be able to handle a lot of changes in schedule or environment. If that’s the case, stick to familiar and comfortable destinations for them.

Respect Their Independence

Just because your parents are getting older doesn’t mean they want to be treated like children. They still have their own opinions and preferences, so try to respect those as much as you can. For instance, if they’re not comfortable with using a wheelchair or walker in public, don’t force them to do so.

Likewise, if they’re used to eating a certain way or at a certain time, try to accommodate their needs as much as possible. It may not always be possible to perfectly replicate their usual routine, but do your best to make them feel comfortable and respected.

Furthermore, your parents might want to do some activities by themselves, without you. That’s perfectly normal, so don’t take it personally. They just need some time to themselves every now and then, just like everyone else. If that is the case, consider getting them personal alarms for the elderly that they can keep nearby in the event of a fall or medical emergency.

Help Them Pack

Packing can be a difficult and stressful task for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for elderly people. They may not be able to lift heavy bags or carry too many things at once, so it’s important to help them out as much as you can.

Start by making a list of everything they’ll need for the trip, then help them choose which items to bring and how to pack them. If they’re flying, make sure they know the TSA guidelines for bringing liquids, medications, and other items on the plane.

Finally, don’t forget to pack your own patience! Travelling with elderly parents can be a test of your nerves at times, but it’s also an opportunity to create lasting memories together. So relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the trip.

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