4 Top Tips for Decorating Kids Rooms

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I have another guest post to share with you today, all about top tips for decorating kids rooms. I am actually thinking again about rearranging and redecorating the boys rooms, although we did it not so long ago. You can see the budget room make over I did for the older boys’ room last year

decorating kids rooms

Now I’m thinking to shift the children around with Mr Z having his own room and the younger two sharing instead so that he could keep his older toys separate and away from his little brothers. Although Mr Z and Mr T are actually closer in age (17 months age gap), Mr T and Mr R (19 months gap) seem to be more similar in their interests so it may work out better we will have to see.

I’m always looking for more tips as it always helps to be prepared, and I may be prone to forgetting some of the obvious things – like mentioned below: Furniture at child height. For some ridiculous reason I had shelves put in very high up in Mr Z’s room and I have to get books down for him all the time! Although this one does have to be weighed up against things being too easy for toddlers to reach and access, so there’s a balance to strike with the different age groups…

Over to my guest poster Sue with the tips:

tips for decorating kids rooms

4 Top Tips for Decorating Kids Rooms

Getting a room ready for a young child needs a bit of planning and forethought, so just follow this plan and your room will be ready for your little one to grow and play in no time. We have thought of all the possible needs of a parent
and their child, but if we’ve missed anything out then do let us know in the comments.

Everyone remembers their childhood bedroom and how such a small space seemed like an endless kingdom of play and exploration.

Here’s how to decorate your kids room:

Choose furniture at your child’s height

This one is a no-brainer really. Try to keep tables, chairs, and storage like shelves and coat hangers at a height where a child can reach. This will get your child doing things independently by themselves and prevent any accidents caused by
trying to reach objects that are teetering up on higher places. It will also leave the room tidier. You might need to adjust the height of furniture and shelving when your child grows older but this can be done without too much difficulty if
you choose shelves with adjustable shelving height, etcetera.

Install a display area

Here’s a really great tip to encourage your child in learning and creativity. You can buy sheet metal and install a magnetic display space anywhere you like. Magnets are safer for children than corkboard pins and they can change and adjust the display themselves. The kids painting, writing and home-made cards will look fantastic displayed in their room.

Choosing lighting

It is advisable not to choose halogen lighting for child’s room as these lights emit lots of heat. You don’t want your little one to get burnt fingers! If you install wall lighting, make sure that its high up off the ground so that there is no danger of
your child coming into contact with it. Block off any wall sockets with heavy furniture. With very young children, one ambient light in the room is good enough, so perhaps make that light adjustable for nap time and bedtime? For the
older ones that need special lighting for homework, check out a stylish hanging lamp:

Like this one from Lamp Commerce

multicolour lamp

Colourful wall

Think about using a palette of colours rather than getting the room painted in a single colour (people who are thinking of creating all pink or all blue rooms, we’re looking at you!) You can choose colours that represent the sun, sea and the sky, or all the colours in a Neapolitan ice cream. Go in to paint store and tell them your idea and they will help you pick out the colours for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask your kids for their preferences–your little ones might have some great ideas already. Get them to think about what they need from their room and get them invested in thinking that the best way to use it and keep it tidy. If they love to write, then give them a desk with lots of light. If they love sports, then help them to create a fantastic display of their favourite sporting hero posters.

Above all, get ready to have a lot of fun!

If you’re interested in Kid’s room ideas, have a look at my Pinterest board for Kids bedrooms and playrooms here and follow along!


 Are there any tips you would add? Let me know in the comments!

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35 thoughts on “4 Top Tips for Decorating Kids Rooms”

  1. Great tips. When we put 2 big book cases in the boys room I had to remember to put all OJs stuff at the top of the 2 and Will’s at the bottom, rather than them having a book case each. Otherwise Will would have used it as an excuse to turn it into a climbing wall!

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  2. That car theme is so cute! I love the shelves and the pillow! My boys always had a military room- while my daughter had teddy bears, Tinkerbell, and a Paris themed room. I’m not sure how she managed to get hers redecorated so often. 🙂

  3. Love the idea of a magnet wall! We have a chalkboard wall to draw pics on which seems to work well. Also after reading a Montessori book I have designed most of the room around F’s ability to reach and organise himself 🙂 Great tips

  4. What great ideas! I want a finding Nemo porthole in my room. The tips are really helpful. It’s easy to forget just how little our little ones can be at times. Although they adapt to the rest of the house, their room is a place just for them, and we can create that for them. I used to have loads of fun decorating my childrens rooms. That being said, I had just as much fun putting together teenage dens – thinking about exactly what each child would want at each step of the design process.

  5. I think you might be right about switching the boys around, especially as Mr R is getting older., We bought the cheap as chips small bookcases from Ikea for Bud’s room. They are fab as he can access every shelf. I’m a firm believer in children being able to get to their books whenever they want to.

    • We have a lot of reachable bookcases too – Mr R has a book ripping problem though, which drives me mad! I can trust him more with board books, but he loves the a4 sized paper pages thomas annuals. He spends ages looking through them, then I don’t know why he does it he starts to try and rip little bits, it drives me crazy!

  6. Great post. I know this is weird thing to comment on but I love the fonts you used in “4TopTips for Decorating Kid’s Rooms”. I’m obsessed with typography and yours really stood out! 🙂

  7. Ooooh, I like the colour tips. I’m thinking about what colour to paint Miss J’s room at the mo. It’s currently a sort of vanilla cream – maybe I’ll just paint one wall and leave the rest as they are 🙂

  8. At the moment my kids share a room but we’re hoping to extend this year giving them a room each and a playroom – my decorating plans are going into overdrive!

  9. Nice ides. Good to be practical and safety conscious. Worthwhile involving the child / children. Though they seem to grow up so fast, I’d like ideas on adaptability.


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