Thomas & Friends Competitions News & New DVD Spills and Thrills

All my boys have been massive Thomas fan. Around the time they turned two they all developed a really strong affinity to the little blue engine. This is still going as strong as ever with Mr T and Mr R. As they watch their Thomas & Friends DVDs so much, we’re always really happy to hear of any new ones that come out!

spills and thrills Thomas dvd

Spills & Thrills is a new DVD with brand new exclusive episodes which have never been seen on TV. This is over 70 minutes worth of footage and the 6 episodes included are:

  • “Away From the Sea”
  • “The Smelly Kipper”
  • “No More Mr. Nice Engine”
  • “Gone Fishing”
  • “Thomas’ Shortcut”
  • “The Afternoon Tea Express”

This DVD gripped Mr T and Mr R’s attention in typical Thomas and Friends style and they are loving it. They especially enjoyed the episode where James is afraid of the dark, and there is plenty of variety here as Thomas is not the centre of every episode. You have a chance to hear more from some of the other characters like Salty.

The DVD is available from Amazon and is currently only £5 which is great value, especially if your children watch it as often as mine do!

For Thomas fans, you might also want to check out the brand new Thomas website : The Thomas & Friends: One Journey Endless Destination. There is lots on the website to keep kids entertained and now a fun new competition has been launched. 

You can win a family trip to Thomas land by snapping a picture of your little one decorating their Thomas and Friends Easter egg template and uploading it to the site. The messier the better!

Download the pdf template: Porter’s Really Useful Guide with cut outs and stencils as well as the egg template, and let your children get busy with decorating. I’ll definitely be printing it out for my boys to have a chance. We love Thomas land (see here for our trip to Thomasland at Christmastime) so it’s a fantastic prize.

Will you be entering? Let me know in the comments, and good luck if you do!

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