The Future of Child Safety: GPS

There is nothing more terrifying for parents than losing track of their child, even if it is for just a few moments. Their world turns upside down until the child is found and it is the biggest fear that parents can face in their lifetime. There is probably not a parent alive that has not experienced that dreadful feeling of hysterically looking for their child in a crowded place. It only gets worse as the children get older. Parents have to worry about who their children spend time with and if they leave the school grounds in a timely fashion or stay within the safe perimeters their parents establish for them. The question is how parents can give their children independence and freedom to make their own choices while ensuring their safety. All children enjoy exploring new places, playing with their friends and having fun in outdoor environments. Naturally, this brings along certain safety challenges and potential dangers for the kids. There are a lot of predators and hidden dangers at every corner that awaits the children.

The world is not as safe as it used to be for children anymore. People used to entrust their kids to next-door neighbors or let them enjoy their free time in their front yards and playgrounds. However, with the meteoric rise in the number of missing and abducted children over the years, nowadays parents hesitate to take their eyes off their precious children even for a second. A child goes missing every 3 minutes in the UK, and that alone should be enough to send a shiver down your spine if you are a parent.

The children, especially the small ones, are less likely to survive without adult supervision as the time passes; that is why it is extremely important to find and rescue missing children as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence in missing cases, and parents need a trump card that can help them locate their children. Fortunately for parents, we live in an age of innovation and that trump card comes in the form of GPS based child tracking devices. GPS tracking devices specifically designed for children have countless benefits and features that can help parents in their daily struggles. A worried father can check the location of his son’s whereabouts; a mother can create a safe zone for her toddler around her kindergarten to get notified if he/she leaves that zone and children in distress can use the panic button to alert their parents to get help.

Child trackers can pair up with a smartphone APP and offer convenient tools for parents to be able to keep track of their children continuously. The kid trackers can be attached to their clothing, placed in their backpack or fitted on a belt. Most of the trackers designed for children weigh between 40 to 60 grams for making it easy to carry them on your person.

Geofence zones allow parents to create boundaries around areas like their home or school where the children will regularly be. The child tracker alerts the parents when their children enter or leave one of the safe zones. It is a great way to mitigate your fears and be informed about their scheduled movements. If your child suddenly leaves the school area or the playground for no apparent reason, you will be immediately notified about the unplanned movement, and this gives you the ability to take action. Families can use geofence zones as a preventive measure, and it is always great to have an early warning system in place in case your child wanders. Every second count when a child goes missing, and a geofence alert can provide parents with enough time to react and find their children.

No matter how careful or protective a parent is, children do get lost. They disappear in the blink of an eye leaving a frantic parent searching the ends of the world for them. It may be just a wandering case where it takes a few minutes to find the child, but sometimes it is the work of a kidnapper or a child with a serious medical condition getting separated from their parent. These situations need to be handled delicately, and the child needs to be found immediately as the consequences can be dire. In emergency situations like these, a child tracker can be a lifesaver. If the child has a tracking device on them, parents can locate their exact position in a matter of minutes. Once the child is located, parents can either call the police for a safe recovery or rush to their side if it is a nearby location.

Safety is the biggest reason parents opt in to use GPS technology. When you consider how dangerous the outside world can be for children, families have a right to be concerned about their well-being. Parents can alleviate their fears and relax while they are at work or go about their daily routine by putting the child tracker to work. The parents can’t be with their kids all the time, but the child tracking device can show them where their children are on-demand. Find out your child’s location in real time thanks to GPS technology in a matter of seconds. Whether your child is in an urban area or a remote location, the child tracker will provide you with the precise location of them.

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