The Best Welcome Home

What’s the best welcome home you could get, after being out all day?

For me if I’ve been out by myself then it’s definitely the best to come back to my children’s smiling faces. Even if I’ve not been away for long, their faces are always so excited to welcome me back. I sometimes get ambushed at the front door as they all come running as quick as they can to give me a hug. These cheeky smiles always give a great welcome!


Other times, when the children and I finally get home after a cold and wet school run in the rain then the best welcome for us has to be changing into some nice warm pyjamas and making some hot chocolate to warm up and enjoy together.


For my husband, the best welcome for him tends to be the smell of a delicious dinner cooking as he arrives through the door – especially something with plenty of meat will make him happy! (he is a real meat lover)

The best welcome is something different to everyone. If you have a beloved pet, perhaps seeing them waiting eagerly in the window as you come back home from work would be the best welcome for you.


Direct Blinds want to know what your best ‘Welcome Home’ is and have launched a competition where you can share your pictures, for the chance to win a great prize of up to £200 worth of blinds!

If I won, I would take the chance to re-do the blinds in my bedroom which are in need of a bit of updating. How about you?

Find out more and enter the competition here

You can also view the full terms and conditions, and the previous entries, via the link above.

Good luck!

Competition and post sponsored by Direct Blinds

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