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tesco christmas chocolateThis year, Tesco have some new really luxurious chocolates in store. The new range has been made by the same chocolatiers who work with Hotel Chocolat and Harrods and are made from the highest quality ingredients – but they are still at Tesco prices!

We were sent a couple of treats from the Tesco Christmas chocolate range to try out and review, and I was really keen to try them out. I love eating chocolate in front of the TV in the evening now and again. Especially over Christmas time with a film like Love Actually or Bridget Jones on and some of these lovely chocolates to eat, you could hardly get more relaxing! (All of our original chocolates have been eaten by now – we will buy some more though!)

The first product we opened was the Tesco Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Stars. These have an RRP of £4 but can often be found on offer at 2 for £6.

tesco christmas chocolate starsI have to say, these were my favourite. I love the look of them as they are so cute! The box is filled with these chunky milk chocolate stars all covered in gingerbread pieces and some white chocolate drizzled in there too. The gingerbread definitely added a lovely wintery flavour to the chocolate, and I found that really nice. It reminded me of Gingerbread latte, it’s not an overpowering strong ginger taste just quite a subtle christmassy gingerbread kind of effect. They are also ideal for sharing as they are all individual stars as opposed to a big bar that you have to break up.

The next item was the Tesco Chokablok Santastic Cinnamon. This tree shaped chocolate block has an RRP of £5 and is also available in Cherry or Christmas Pudding varieties.

tesco christmas chocolate santastic cinnamon chokablok treeThis is a really appealing looking chocolate bar, and quite reminded me of the large chocolate slabs that you can get from Hotel Chocolat, but much more Christmassy as it has the novelty shape of a Christmas tree! This would appeal to both adults and children and is quite a large bar at 150g. The Milk chocolate is topped with caramelized biscuit crumbles, cinnamon, and gold dusted malty balls.

I found the taste of this sweeter than the gingerbread stars. I really liked it, but did prefer the stars slightly more. They would both make an ideal small Christmas gift or stocking filler though, and I am quite interested in trying the Christmas Pudding flavour of the Chokablok bars!

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Which one do you like the look of? Let me know in the comments!

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