Teletubbies Nursery Range Plush Stackable Po Review

For the littlest fans of the Teletubbies, there is a brand new Nursery range available with some lovely soft sensory toys. Our toddler N loves the show and is always excited to see anything with Teletubbies on it, so what did she think of the plush stackable Po toy from Character Options?

Plush stackable Po is a soft stacking ring toy with lots of different textures and sounds to help little ones to explore their senses. It is extremely soft with a lovely quality of plush, and looks immediately recognisable to any young Teletubbies fan.

Stackable Po comes apart into four pieces:

  • The base, which is plush just like the rest of Po, and is shaped like a green grass for Po to sit on. This piece makes a chiming sound when you shake it
  • Po’s feet section, which has a bumpy texture to the plush and has a jingle bells sound when you shake the feet
  • Po’s tummy is a ribbed plush texture, with a fun mirror on the front
  • Po’s head and arms piece has a woolly type of texture, with crinkly hands and ears to explore.

When put together, the whole of Po is really snuggly and cute. N has been giving her lots of hugs and snuggles, and roll playing with Po. Although it is a stacker, it’s so realistic and is sturdy enough that it can be played with like a cuddly toy too.

N has also enjoyed spending time taking the pieces on and off, and on and off again! It’s easy enough for babies and toddlers to manage, with the large soft pieces that are easy to grab on to. It’s a simple way to practise hand eye coordination and motor skills, as well as reasoning which order the pieces should go on the base to recreate the full Po.

Plush stackable Po is suitable for babies from age six months and upwards, and is a lovely toy.

Visit to see the full range of Teletubbies toys. Stackable Po is available for RRP £29.99

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