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Tefal Cook4Me is a pressure cooker with many added features that make it so easy and quick to use, especially for busy families or those who don’t have so much confidence in the kitchen as it gives you so much extra guidance. A few weeks ago, I went along to a Tefal event to try out the Cook4Me for myself, and  now have one to use at home too.


Before trying the Cook4Me, I hadn’t used a pressure cooker. I have had slow cookers in the past, and although I appreciate the convenience of them I hadn’t always found them suited to making as wide a variety of meals as I would like. I’m also not always a forward planner, and tend to have a last minute think about what to make before dinner time so when I heard of how quick pressure cookers are, particularly the Tefal Cook4Me, I thought perhaps that would suit me better.

When we were shown the Tefal Cook4Me I was impressed with the concept straight away. The Cook4Me comes with a selection of recipes in built, and guides you through cooking each of those with an ingredient list (handy for meal planning, as you can scroll through and choose the ideas you want to make that week and then quickly add those items to your weekly shopping list!) and then step by step instructions on screen as you cook.


The Cook4Me has a large capacity, to make generous portions for up to 6 people which suits our family (5 soon to be 6) but you can select to cook for 2 or 4 people if you’re a smaller family, or just cooking lunch for yourself and a friend for example.

At the event, we got the opportunity to try it out for ourselves and made some super quick soups, from the starters recipe section. We made potato and leek and the other team made a vegetable soup. These both took less than 10 minutes to cook once everything was prepared and tasted really nice too! I was definitely impressed and couldn’t wait to get my own one to take home, and try out even more recipes.

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What I found really good with the Cook4Me is that you can do everything in the one cooker. You don’t have to brown onions and meat separately on the hob and then transfer (something that I found annoying with my old slow cooker), just brown it within the Cook4Me with the lid open (you’ll get instructions on screen to guide you through everything, and when to close and lock the lid etc) – so you get very little washing up to do afterwards. The Cook4Me inner bowl is non stick and very easy to wash, but you can put it in the dishwasher if you prefer (it’s so easy to wash that I tend not to bother, and just wash it in the sink)

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Since getting my own Cook4Me at home, I’ve been enjoying trying out the other recipes that are built in. We enjoyed the beef tacos, and I’m really intrigued to try out the desserts and see how they come out!

You can also cook on manual mode if you want to use your own recipes, or adjust some of the inbuilt recipes – as long as you make sure you have enough liquid inside the cooker to pressure cook then you’ll be okay! There are separate programmes to cook individual ingredients too, and you also get a steamer basket included.

There is an automatic keep warm programme in the Cook4Me which is ideal if you’re cooking for kids a little earlier, and then waiting for husband or partner to get in from work, as they won’t have to reheat the meal it’s still nice and warm for them. The keep warm shows a timer too, so you know exactly how long the food has been waiting there.

I really like the Cook4Me, for the quickness and ease of making meals and for the recipe menu system which is quite different from anything else I’ve seen and is so handy to give you some inspiration when dinner time has rolled around and you’re out of ideas for what to cook!

If you’re a busy family and want to get dinner prepared quickly and easily then I would definitely recommend giving the Tefal Cook4Me a try.

Visit the Tefal website to find out more or take a look at the Cook4Me on Amazon

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