Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Figures – Donatello Combat Warrior

My boys really enjoy playing with all of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, and now that the movie is here there are some new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures available – a special range designed to be more like the characters in the movie.

You may have noticed that the movie has a more realistic and slightly more scary look compared to the traditional cartoons where the turtles are pretty cute and childish, so of course the new figures need to reflect that! We received a Donatello combat warrior figure to review and could immediately notice a difference from our other Turtles figures.

TMNT movie figure Donatello Combat WarriorThe movie range of Turtles figures have been described as the scariest and most detailed ever, and that definitely seems to be the case. All the boys were keen on their new Donatello, especially Mr T who has claimed this one.

Combat Warrior Donatello comes with a spinning smack down staff a his weapon. When you squeeze his legs, this will trigger the spinning action and his staff will spin around , allowing him to battle and fight! This is easy to activate, so very suitable for 4 year olds like Mr T.

turtles3You can see there is lots of detail on all sides, there are lots of little features even on the back of Donatello.

The combat warrior figures are medium sized at about 15cm tall, and there are some larger deluxe ninja turtles movie figures also available if you would like.  You can see more about the full range here:

If you would like to see other Turtles in the range, Eileen has reviewed Michelangelo over at ET Speaks from Home, and Pippa from Red Rose Mummy has reviewed Raphael

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