Star Wars Talking Darth Vader Figure, and Star Wars Toys at the Disney Store

Star Wars toys are set to be one of the big trends this year at Christmas, especially with the new movie coming out on December 18th (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens)

One of the best places to shop for your Star Wars items this Christmas has to be at the Disney Store. Since Disney took over Star Wars, they now have a great range in their Star Wars shop

We were sent the Star Wars Talking Darth Vader figure to try out.

Star Wars talking Darth Vader figure

This Darth Vader figure is a little bigger than typical action figures, and it stands up well by itself so it would be good to display on a shelf for Star Wars fans rooms as well as to use as a toy. It has plenty of detail on the figure.

The Darth Vader has a working light sabre, activated by the small button at the top of his arm, and also sound effects which are activated via the buttons on his chest. There are a couple of different buttons there and they do make different sounds, rather than just being one selection of sound effects.

talking darth vader figureThe limbs are posable, so you can move the direction that the light sabre is pointed in, to be pointing upwards or out across Darth Vader’s body, and when you do activate the light sabre with the button that I just mentioned, it will light up as well as making some sounds. My kids found this pretty cool!

talking darth vader figure

My youngest (4 years old) claimed this figure as soon as it arrived and it has stood up well to being played with by him. I would say it’s best suited for age 4+, and would appeal to any age of Star Wars fan as a collectors item as well as a toy.

talking darth vader figure

There are lots more great Star Wars items in the Disney Store. My kids also have a light sabre which they love for pretend play, and there’s plenty of Star Wars clothes available there too – so do check out the whole range.

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  1. Star war figures will still be the talk of the town even in 2030. Boys will always be boys and the trend will go on. But one thing for sure is that by then you will have to sell your heart to acquire some of these figurines. That’s why I don’t let anyone play with my star war figures anyhowly.


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