Star Monsters are a new range of collectable toys from Magic Box. They recently won the Best New Toy award in the Pocket Money category at London Toy Fair, and my kids had spotted them on TV and were immediately interested in them so we were very happy to be sent some Star Monsters to try out, and we’re offering one lucky winner a selection of Star Monsters products for their child too!

star monsters toys

Star Monsters are small collectable creatures that come in blind bags. My kids love the thrill of opening up the bags and finding out what toy in inside, and then trading and swapping with each other to mix and match who has what.

star monsters blind bags

The Star Monsters toys are available in the following packs, which are all very affordable at pocket money prices, and are available from national toy retailers. We’ve spotted them in supermarkets too, which makes them quite handy as a little treat for your child after doing the shopping!

Some of the packs you can get are:

  • Packs (containing 2 Star Monsters; RRP £1 each)
  • Bags (containing 3 Star Monsters: RRP £2.50 each)
  • Mini Capsules (containing 2 Star Monsters; RRP £2 each)

opening star monsters blind bags

After ripping all of the packs open, these are the Star Monsters that we got inside our packs:

star monsters toys

You also get the bases shown behind them in the picture, which you can add stickers to and they tell you more about that Star Monster. The Star Monsters have different elements like air, plants, water and stone and if you’re lucky you might get a gold, silver or evolved form in the pack. We did get one silver one, which of course if my kids favourite!

The Star Monsters are suitable for age 3+ and there are over 60 available to collect. I think they would appeal equally to boys and girls, and with my kids the trend for these tradeable and swappable types of pocket money toys really took from about 5-6 years old so I would say they are most suited to kids around 5-8.


For your chance to win a selection of Star Monsters toys, enter via the Gleam widget below

Star Monsters

Good luck!