Why I love Mondays, and SpongeBob Hero Pants #TGIM

It’s well known that most people hate Mondays. That Sunday night feeling of having to get everything organised and go to sleep early to be ready for an early morning and a long week of work ahead is not normally a popular thing, especially if you don’t enjoy your job – or in the case of children if they’re not looking forward to going back to school for another week!

SpongeBob has a new song where he looks on the bright side about Monday, singing Thank Gosh it’s Monday, positivity Monday… so I thought I would join him in sharing the things that I love about Monday too.

SpongeBob Hero Pants

I was nominated by my friend Eileen who shared her feelings about Mondays here and next, I will nominate my friend Jenny over at The Brick Castle to share her thoughts on Mondays.

I have to agree with SpongeBob that Mondays can be a great day of the week. I consider myself pretty lucky because I work from home, and am self employed so I am my own boss. That means I don’t have to make the dreaded Monday morning trudge into work, or take orders from anyone else. I can spend my Mondays working at home at the laptop with a nice cup of coffee (or several) and my favourite songs playing while I work, and since I’m at home I can dress as casually as I want so my Mondays are pretty relaxing.

After a couple of day break over the weekend and spending time recharging with the kids, I usually feel quite refreshed and recharged by Monday, and am ready to start the week again. This means that Monday tends to be my most productive day of the week.

As for the kids, they enjoy school and are always happy to see their friends again after the weekend so luckily for now they enjoy their Mondays too.

Do you love or hate Mondays? Take a look at the SpongeBob video and see if you agree with his attitude! You can tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #TGIM

New SpongeBob Game : SpongeBob Hero Pants

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Sponge Bob Hero Pants game

SpongeBob HeroPants is a third-person action platformer with a colourful blend of combat, traversal, exploration and puzzle-solving that makes it enjoyable and accessible for players of all ages. There are six playable characters to choose from, and each has the ability to transform into their uniquely fashioned superpowered champion from the movie to reach new heights and defeat the bad dreams plaguing Bikini Bottom. As the lost pages of the movie’s magical book plunges them into new eras in time, SpongeBob and his pals will have to upgrade their skills, survive boss battles and discover the secrets in altered versions of their town to find their way home again. 


The game is available on Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and PS3

SpongeBob HeroPants

We will be sent a copy of the game as a thanks for sharing our thoughts on Mondays #TGIM

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