Spinning Cogs from Wood and Wonder

If you love wooden toys for your children, you’ll want to take a look at new online toy store Wood and Wonder set up by a mum of two, Emma, who started the business in 2015, whilst on maternity leave, after realising that her house was flooded with plastic toys, which she felt were limiting her childrens’ creativity and imagination.

I do always appreciate good quality wooden toys, so I was happy to try out the spinning cogs with R. This a really simple toy but it kept him engaged well and got him thinking about how each cog moves the next one, and experimenting with placing them in different positions – all good early engineering skills for little ones!

Playing with spinning toys. Simple and fun STEM toy for young children


The cogs come in two sizes – large and small, and these are marked on the base so when you remove all of the cogs this gives you a guideline to help you place them back in, and they can go in a variety of different places. There is not only one correct place for each cog – you just need to put large with large and small with small. One of the cogs has a handle that you can use to spin it, and activate the rest of the cogs on the board.



Each cog is painted with bright patterns that look great when spinning around, especially the swirling ones.

I’m thinking of designing our own patterned pieces to place on top of the cogs too, as a fun craft activity to extend the toy at a later time.

We also experimented with placing small marbles and water beads into the cog spaces to see what would happen when the spin, and found they moved around but didn’t tumble down the cogs in an ordered fashion, so we will experiment with other sizes and types in future. One of the great things about this type of toy is that you can adapt and use lots of ideas with it.


Check out the spinning cogs in action on our Instagram video. Mesmerising aren’t they?

Wooden cogs from wood and wonder. These are pretty cool!

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The spinning cogs are available from Wood and Wonder for 12.95 and will suit children from around 18 months+. This is a really open ended toy so can be used in different ways by each age group. I’m sure even younger babies would love to watch the cogs spinning round too, and R is 4 years old and still had plenty of  interest in this toy.

Wood and Wonder has a lovely range of toys, particularly for younger babies and toddlers so do have a browse!

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