Smyths Toys Big Steps Vroom Super Car Transporter Review

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Smyths Toys have launched a new range of indoor toys for preschoolers: Big Steps. With N quickly approaching 2 years old, she’s finished with the baby toys these days and I was really interested to see what this new preschool age had to offer.

We were sent the Big Steps Vroom Super Car Transporter to review, and she was drawn to it straight away.

The Super Car Transporter is a really good size, and very chunky and sturdy. It comes with six free wheeling cars which can be stored inside, as well as the transporter itself which can also be driven and pushed around, and opened at the back to put the cars inside the two stories via a ramp. The transporter has lights and sounds that are activated when you press the top, and comes with the batteries already included so it’s ready to play with straight out of the box.

The car transporter, and the cars themselves, are all lovely bright colours and made from good quality shiny smooth plastic that I can tell will be really durable. The cars are ideal for younger toddlers with no small parts or sharp edges. They can drive quite fast along the floor and are great for having little races.

N has really enjoyed playing with the cars, driving them all around the floor. It is a great toy for keeping toddlers active and developing their motor skills as they vroom the cars around the room, and although its an indoor toy I can see this getting played with in the garden too as it’s quite versatile.

Putting the cars in and out of the transporter kept N’s attention for a long time, as well as driving all of the cars around. Like many toddlers she’s really fascinated with putting things in and out, open and closing and this toy feeds into that interest.

You can use the cars in lots of ways: making up stories, having races, lining them up and more. Cars have alway been a classic staple toy for toddlers, and this transporter set is great as it’s so sturdy and durable making it very toddler friendly, and having the transporter to store the cars in when you’ve finished playing helps it all keep tidy too, and the sounds and lights give added excitement.

The Smyths Toys Big Steps Vroom Super Car Transporter is available from Smyths Toys at 19.99

The Big Steps Vroom range includes various other vehicle play sets too including a holiday jumbo jet, and a steering wheel toy. Take a look at the rest of the Big Steps ranges on the Smyths Toys website to find out what other types of toys are included.

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