Smart Egg Review & Giveaway

You might remember these smart eggs from our Stocking filler ideas post back at Christmas time. Now we’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win a smart egg to try out with their family.

These little eggs are great for anyone who enjoys puzzles and brain teasers. They require careful, logical consideration to complete, and are suitable for children aged 6 years and over. It’s a fun way for kids to work on their problem solving skills.

My 7 year old loved playing with the smart eggs and solving each one, he found the challenge really satisfying and enjoyed challenging other family members to solve them too.

To solve each egg, you have to guide the stick through the path ways starting at the top until you’re able to pull the stick out through the bottom of the egg. It sounds simple enough, but can be quite tricky!

smart egg

The smart eggs come in a variety of difficulties, with one layer and two layer smart eggs available. The harder ones can take up to three hours to solve. We tried a couple of the 1 layer eggs and those were ideal for my 7 year old. The two layer ones would be a good challenge for us to move on to later on.


I would agree with the 6+ recommendation for this toy, as although my youngest was quite intrigued and interested in having a try with the eggs he wasn’t able to use them properly at his younger age (4) and could be a bit too heavy handed with it.

smart egg

The smart eggs are available from Waterstones from just £5.99. Since they have an egg shape, if you’re planning ahead to Easter already this could be a great option for an alternative Easter egg, for something that will last longer than chocolate!


One lucky reader will win the Smart Egg Labyrinth puzzle in the Hive design with 1 layer, shown below.

2 HIVE Box

For your chance to win, just enter via the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

Smart Egg

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137 thoughts on “Smart Egg Review & Giveaway”

  1. I haven’t come across these before but firmly believe that these sort of puzzles teach many different skills and attributes.

  2. We’d love to win one of these – we’re a whole family of puzzle lovers. My dd especially loves solving and creating word puzzles 🙂

  3. Comment with your thoughts about the smart egg . . . . l fully expect my 5 year old grandson to be able to complete it more quickly than me

  4. It’s great that these Smart Eggs are an affordable price too.They would make excellent childrens party gifts aswell as stocking filers

  5. It looks really fun! My kids are always intrigued by little puzzles like this – and it looks less annoying than the kind with lots of little bits that could get lost.

  6. great idea as an alternative to a chocolate egg, im always looking for something different to buy all the children in my family for easter xx

  7. This looks like something that will get your mind boggling, stylish in design and before you know it time has run away with you! Fun for all the family – whatever your age!

  8. I think this is great! Not only would it be great fun but would also help with hand-eye co-ordination, logic and thinking skills and problem solving!

  9. It sounds really different and interesting, i will look into the product further and even if i am not a lucky winner i will see about purchasing one of them.


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