Shepherd’s Pie Boats

Shepherd's Pie Boats - inspired by the Weekend Box club

We have been trying out a new activity box recently, the Weekend Box, and this idea is adapted from one of the ideas included. We didn’t have all of the ingredients required so ended up making our own version of their potato boats.

Mr Z helped me with this activity after school and it took maybe half an hour to do, and was not too difficult but definitely needs an adult to be involved.

What you need to make Shepherd’s Pie Boats (or any kind of potato boat)

  • Jacket potatoes
  • Any filling and seasoning
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Cheese cut into triangles

The recommended idea from Weekend Box had lots of vegetables for the filling, which is a great healthy idea for kids but as I had mince that I wanted to use, I thought I would make a Shepherd’s Pie version of the boats since it has potatoes anyway.

First bake the jacket potatoes, this does take a while so it may be more interesting for children if you call them to join in the activity once this is done! While the potatoes were baking, I cooked our filling – using the mince and any spare vegetables we had (mushrooms, carrots), as well as seasoning provided in the Weekend Box. The good thing is that it is adaptable and you can use whatever you have.

Once the potatoes are baked and the filling is cooked then take a spoon and scoop out some of the inside of the potato. A child can do this, but get them to be careful not to rip the outside of the potato skin as you will need that intact to stuff the filling back in.

Take the potato which you have scooped, and mix it with some of your filling that you just cooked. Then scoop that mixture back in!

To decorate the potatoes and give the boat effect, use a cocktail stick with the triangle piece of cheese to make a sail!

This was a fun idea to make dinner time more interesting for the children, especially as they are all into transport.

Every Weekend Box includes: Something to make, something to cook, something to read or write and something green. This was our “something to cook.” Don’t forget to come back soon to see what we thought of our other activities, and the box as a whole.

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