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Scotland Yard is a fun detective game from Ravensburger that’s great to play with older children (recommended 8+.) Z and I really enjoyed this game, and I can see it getting plenty of use in family game nights.

Ravensburger Scotland Yard game

This version of the game is an updated version of the classic game Scotland Yard, but we had never come across it before so it was all new to us! I can see why it would be a classic though, as it’s a great game.

The game involves one player being Mr X and moving around the board (which is a map of London) and hiding trying to evade capture by the detectives and police. All other players get to be detectives, trying to track down and capture Mr X.

For younger players, there is a simplified version of the game which is also included in the rules. We played that at first, but found the full version more exciting so moved over to that and Z (7) was able to follow the full game well enough, but my 4 and 5 year old wouldn’t be able to follow the game well enough at all so it really is one for at least 7+

Scotland Yard BoardThroughout the game, all players move around the map using methods of public transport – either bus, tube or taxi, and additionally Mr X can travel via boat sometimes using the special cards.

In the full version of the game, Mr X moves secretly through most of the turns, and only shows himself at certain intervals so the detectives have to think carefully to deduce whereabouts he will be – as they can see the types of transport that he is using, which have to be announced at each turn unless Mr X uses one of his mystery cards.

The game board is quite detailed, and local people will recognise all the areas of London that are shown, which adds another element of fun to the game and makes it more realistic.

Scotland Yard CardsThe detectives have a limited amount of passes for each type of transport, so this adds another element of challenge to players playing this role.

The game is a lot of fun and involves strategy and careful thinking more than some of the simpler board games so it’s a good one to move children onto once they get a bit older – and it’s more fun for the adults who are playing with them too! If you like traditional mystery games like Cluedo, then you would like this game.


Scotland Yard is available from all good toy shops including online at Amazon (RRP 19.99 – Price at writing only 11.99). I would definitely recommend it for kids of 7 or 8 and up.

We were sent the game in order to review

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