Schleich Wildlife Animals Review

Schleich animal figures are really high quality, and last so well. We have already built up a collection over the years, since my eldest kids were younger and I’m still adding to it now as my younger children continue to play.

The amount of detail on each of the Schleich figures is brilliant. Every animal looks so realistic so they’re great for learning, and they open up a wide world of imaginative play.

Recently we were sent some of the new wild life figures to add to our collection…

The new range of wild animals includes…

As with all of the Schleich animals, these are handmade and you can see that so much care has gone into crafting each one and the paintwork on every animal is faultless.

It’s lovely to be able to build up a collection of animals as they all work well together for imaginary play, whether you just have a few of the figures or any of the larger Schleich playsets. New animals and accessories are added year after year, so you can keep growing and expanding your collection.

Schleich animals have a wide appeal for all little ones, with my 6 year old using them for more elaborate imaginary scenarios and my toddler using them to help learn her animals. She is really getting interested in animals at this age, so often enjoys going through our tub of Schleich animals to carefully look at each one, and it’s an ideal toy for mixed aged siblings to play with together


All of these Schleich animal figures and more can be bought from The RRPs for these wild animals figures are between 5.99 and 7.99 for each one

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