Running out of weekend fun ideas? Don’t worry!

Any busy parent will tell you that it’s not always easy keeping the kids entertained over the weekend. Whether it’s that they can’t decide on what they want to do, or you feel like you’ve done every activity under the sun already, your budget is quite modest this month, or simply because the weather is against you and you’re stuck inside waiting for the rain to pass.

It’s easy to place too much pressure on yourself when it comes to spending the weekends together as a family…especially when those you follow on social media (friends and influencers) seem to make it look so easy and wonderful – and all without a tantrum in sight! But don’t worry, as long as you spend your time together then that’s the most important thing.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with some simple and entertaining weekend ideas that will keep you all busy and spending time together.

Something therapeutic 

Did you know that experts suggest that colouring reduces stress, helps relaxation and boosts creativity? It also keeps the kids quiet and occupied for a little while! So, find those colouring pens and print off some colouring pages from the internet – for the Cheapest replacement ink cartridges for hp printers click the link – and let them get to work. And you can join in too! There are thousands of colouring books for grownups out there and seen as colouring can help focus the mind much like a meditative state – I’d say it’s positively good for you!

Get them gardening

Whether you have a garden, a back yard or some simple window boxes, gardening is an activity that everyone can get involved with and get invested in! Head to your nearest garden centre or even your local supermarket and pick up some planters, little pots, compost and some pretty flowers. The kids will LOVE getting their hands dirty and filling the pots with compost. They can also help to nurture and help their little projects to grow. If they’re really up for a challenge you could try and grow some herbs or vegetables! 

A helping hand

There’s always things that need doing at home, so get the kids to help you! Find some age appropriate chores for them to complete like emptying the dishwasher, putting clean clothes away, vacuuming the carpets and dusting. If you have toddlers that want to join in, I like to give them a clean sponge or dishcloth and get them to wipe down doors and radiators. It keeps them busy for ages! 

Go for a walk

They’ll moan. They’ll complain. But once you’re out in the fresh air and the kids are running around burning some energy, you’ll be so glad you ventured outside. Find a nice walk through a national park, around a local beauty spot or find a ramblers favourite and go as far as you wish. Make sure you bring plenty of snacks, water, warm jackets and good shoes! And the best thing about heading out for a walk? It’s free! 

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