ROLLPLAY Nighthawk Review

ROLLPLAY has revealed Nighthawk – a thrilling new sit, slide and glide ride for preteens. We were lucky to be sent a Nighthawk to review and it immediately appealed to my boys (ages 10, 8 and 7), who couldn’t wait to try it out. 
Nighthawk is electric powered, running on a 12V battery which can be charged over night and is controlled by leaning into the curve to steer, along with gas and brake pedals to allow variable speed control – up to a maximum of 12 km per hour. The boys quickly picked up the riding technique without any difficulty and found it easy to handle and control. It took slightly longer for my youngest boy, but very soon he was riding around confidently too.
I felt the boys were very safe on the Nighthawk, even though they can travel at speed. There are handlebars placed either side of the seat protect hands and offer complete control, and there’s a rear flag for safety. They ride low down to the floor, and the seat feels stable and secure. 
To get the best experience with your Nighthawk, you’ll need a wide open space with flat ground. We took ours to a local park with a basketball court that is often empty, and that made an ideal space to zoom around, with plenty of space to manoeuvre the Nighthawk, turn it around and pick up some speed.
The boys also tried the Nighthawk in the local skate park, but we found the basketball court better for now.
You need dry weather to ride the Nighthawk, and can ride it for 60 minutes from each charge, which felt like a good amount of time for each session. It’s very easy to plug in and charge over night so that the kids can have more fun with it the next day.
We found the Nighthawk great fun and I think it’s something the boys can get a lot of use and play time from. With it’s electric power and sleek look, it had the ‘cool’ factor to appeal to them, and it’s something that gets them excited to be outside and active, so of course that appeals to me too. I also really like that it’s something all three of them can take turns to ride without any adjustments needed for differing sizes.
To mark the launch of this cool new toy, Rollplay are giving 3 people the chance to win a Nighthawk! Visit the @RollyplayUK Facebook page for details on how to enter.
And take a look at this short video to see my boys and their Nighthawk in action..

With its leading-edge design, kids can glide through exhilarating curves and feel the sensational control of the ROLLPLAY Nighthawk as they learn how to master the unique riding action. 
Riders steer the Nighthawk by leaning into the curve, while gas and brake pedals allow variable speed control. Handlebars placed either side of the seat protect hands and offer complete control, and there’s a rear flag for safety.  
With a 2 metre turning radius, Nighthawk runs at a max speed of 12 km/h for kids 6 years plus. The 12V battery is quickly rechargeable overnight and has a run time of approximately 60 minutes. The Nighthawk is available in both white and red. 

Nighthawk is available to buy from Smyths, Hamleys and Amazon

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