Robofish is something that Mr Z (5) has had his eye on for a little while. He is keen on fish and just finds the idea really cool! When I showed him the Robofish that we had to review he was excited by it before we had even got it out of the box! Mr T and Mr R being slightly younger had not heard of Robofish but they love aquariums so I wasn’t surprised that they were fascinated by it. They love to sit and watch the fish going round and round, either watching up close next to the bowl or by keeping him on the side like a real pet fish and then paying it a visit every minutes to see how its getting on!

robofishFor those who haven’t heard of Robofish, it’s a small fish which is water activated and moves around in a lifelike fashion in the fish bowl. There are different varieties available to collect such as a small shark or a clown fish. Robofish is one of this years Dream Toys for Christmas and you can buy all of the Dream toys 2013 here at Argos.

Our set contains the fish bowl, which is very handy as it provides a suitable area for the Robofish to swim and it looks more lifelike in the fish bowl. It also contained one fish, the blue fish you can see here in our pictures. You can buy more fish separately if your child would like to collect them and there are 8 varieties available including 4 colours of fish and 4 colours of Shark.

The fish comes with batteries already inside, which I was very pleased about as then you can get going straight away with putting him in the water with no need to open it up and sort out the batteries. An extra set of batteries are also provided for when those run out.


See our Robofish in action here:

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