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robots bluray

Recently we were sent the Robots BluRay from Zavvi to watch and review.  This is a family friendly movie so we all settled down together to have a family film evening. This is something we all really enjoy as a great way to have some relaxed quality time after a busy weekend!

I had been told by some other Mums that their boys of a similar age had enjoyed Robots, so I was quite hopeful that it would go down well (and it did)

Robots is the story of a young robot from a humble background, with a dream to become a successful inventor. When he grows a little older, he finally decides to he has to pursue this dream and he makes his way to the big city to ‘Big Weld Industries’. He thought he would be welcomed, as he had been firmly clinging onto the Big Weld motto “You can shine no matter what you’re made of.” Unfortunately he finds out life is never so simple, and Big Weld Industries had been taken over by a new evil boss, who was only interested in making more money at the expense of treating other robots kindly. The new leader had changed the motto to “Why be you when you can be new!” and was promoting a much more superficial society and a message of just treading on others to get more for yourself.

Of course the little robot Rodney is not happy to accept this, so he sets out to find the original Big Weld and put things right. To find out what then happens along the way, you will have to watch for your self!

I found the film really good at spanning the different age groups. There are jokes which the parents will get and keep them entertained, rather than just being one of those movies which is purely for the children and you just sit through it. The whole family can be entertained by this and enjoy a good night in together. As soon as it started I felt this would be the case, as they opened by showing the new robot baby being delivered and made and this is quite cleverly done and funny.

All the boys (aged almost 2 to almost 5) were happy to watch this and enjoyed it. My oldest gets scared easily when watching new movies. There is quite a bit of “mild peril” in this with the evil new boss of Big Weld, and also his mother is another “baddy” and a bit scary looking, so he did say he was scared but he was still fine to watch. (My younger two were not bothered!) I would just say that if your children are on the younger side and easily scared then do watch it together as a family rather than it being a film for them to watch on their own.

Robots was out in cinemas in 2005 but if you missed it at the time (as we did) or fancy seeing it again then it would be worth adding to your collection for family viewing.

Have a look at the trailer below!

Zavvi have lots of Blu-Rays as well as DVDs. It’s well worth having a look on their website if you are looking for something for a family night in. My husband always prefers Blu-Ray and when he is sitting down to watch with us he would rather insist that we do only watch the movies on Blu-Ray, for the better quality. Although I don’t mind watching DVDs sometimes too, I can notice a difference in the quality and as we have a large screen TV its good to make the most of it with the high definition Blu-Rays.

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