Ravensburger My Haven No. 5 The Cake Shed Puzzle Review

The Cake Shed is a 1000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger, which is part of the My Haven series. This set of puzzles focuses on pictures of hobby sheds, from the craft shed, to the pottery shed, sewing shed, man cave, and of course the Cake Shed.

I’ve previously reviewed the Craft Shed puzzle from the same series, which I really enjoyed putting together, so I was looking forward to getting started with the Cake Shed. These puzzles are so relaxing, and have been some of my favourite 1000 piece puzzles.

The image depicted in the puzzle has a lovely amount of detail, from the different styles of cakes with flowers, fruits, cupcakes, a child’s birthday cake and more. There’s also the scenes through the window and door, and plenty of trinkets on the shelves, which help make the puzzle feel varied with lots of different sections to work on.

I much prefer puzzles like this with plenty of different parts to focus on, as it keeps it more interesting but also makes it less challenging compared to having larger amounts of very similar colours or textures, so the Ravensburger Haven series is ideal for me.

With 1000 pieces, the puzzle took me a couple of weeks to complete, as I would fit a bit in here and there once the children were all asleep. If you have more time to dedicate to puzzling uninterrupted then I’m sure you would be able to complete this much quicker, within a day or two!

I found the Cake Shed puzzle a great puzzle to dip in and out of, and as I left it out on the dining table during it’s progress, my older kids dipped into it here and there too – it’s hard to resist such a large and colourful puzzle!

The finished image of the Cake Shed puzzle is very vibrant and busy, bringing to mind a lady who’s really productive and creative with her cakes, and clearly really enjoys it, so completing the puzzle left me feeling positive and relaxed!

As with all Ravensburger puzzles, the quality of The Cake Shed puzzle is great, with good quality durable pieces that stay as good as new after you’ve completed the puzzle.

For more about this puzzle, visit the Ravensburger website.

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