Ravensburger Labyrinth Game

Labyrinth is a fun and strategic board game from Ravensburger. We’ve previously enjoyed playing the Junior Labyrinth game which is suitable for 5+, so I was interested in trying out the full Labyrinth game with Z who is 7.


Labyrinth is a fun game which involves collecting as many of the items shown on your cards as possible, but it’s made more tricky since the path on the board changes with every move!

The difference between the junior and full version is that the board is slightly more complicated, and also each person is searching for different items, and you can’t see which items the other players are going after.

The game includes a board, 4 playing pieces, moving game pieces, and cards showing the items to collect

ravensburger labyrinth

ravensburger labyrinth

The types of items hidden in the labyrinth include treasure chest, dragons, keys, crowns, maps, candle sticks and more. These items appeal to my kids especially the treasure and dragons, which they find exciting. I like the graphic style too, it works well with the game.

To play the game, you first set up the cards on the board, leaving one free which you use to push the pieces and change the path.

playing labyrinth

Each turn, as well as moving, every player will get the chance to push the maze and change the pathway – to make the situation better for them self but maybe much worse for another player! This keeps the game exciting and can make it quite difficult at times. You might plan ahead, but another player will thwart you by their move!

Labyrinth encourages critical thinking and problem solving, and is well suited to children of around 7 years old. The game can be completed in around 30 minutes, or slightly less, and I would recommend it as a great addition to your family board game collection.

Click here to see Ravensburger Labryrinth on Amazon, where it’s available for around 16.99 (RRP 21.95)


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