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Mr R has been trying out some lovely new puzzles, the Ravensburger Gruffalo My First Puzzles. This is a great set for young children 18 months upwards, who are just getting used to working with interlocking puzzles or still building up their confidence.

Ravensburger Gruffalo My First PuzzlesThe set includes 4 puzzles, all with different characters from the popular Gruffalo story.

  • 2 Piece “There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo” puzzle
  • 3 Piece “Scrambled Snake” puzzle
  • 4 Piece ” A mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood” puzzle
  • 5 Piece “Owl Icecream? Roasted Fox!” puzzle

All of the pieces are chunkier than the usual Ravensburger children’s puzzles for age 3+ or 5+ which is ideal for younger toddlers as they may still be trying to put pieces in their mouths and generally be a little rougher with the pieces. I’ve been pleased with the quality and how sturdy they are, and can see them lasting Mr R very well and withstanding a lot of use.

gruffalo puzzle pieces

Each puzzle has a differently coloured border to make it easy to quickly sort them, and it adds a nice bright splash of colour.  The characters and illustrations on the puzzles will be instantly recognisable for children who have read the Gruffalo story. Mr R loved pointing out the characters, particularly at the Gruffalo and making scary ‘rarrrr’ noises!

These puzzles are a lovely set. I always find the quality to be good with Ravensburger and this is no exception. It kept Mr R entertained and engaged and is perfect for a quiet and calm activity. It’s also a good way to extend their reading and talk more about the Gruffalo story while doing the puzzle.

Mr R is 2 years old and the level is not very challenging for him, but it’s not so easy that he gets bored, and it gives him the opportunity to complete all the puzzles by himself and get that sense of achievement whereas with a bigger puzzle of around 24 pieces he would still be asking for a lot of help. I would say the puzzles would suit most children around 18months – 3 years old.

2 year old doing gruffalo puzzles

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7 thoughts on “Ravensburger Gruffalo My First Puzzles”

  1. I must get this for my youngest daughter, who is Gruffalo mad! My four love jigsaws – they take after me as I love them but they have to be challenging with either a hard picture or 1000s of pieces!

  2. These look great for a rainy day – and we’ve had plenty of them. The Gruffalo is a favourite in our house so these would be fab 🙂


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