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We always enjoy Ravensburger puzzles, and recently we tried out one that is a bit different: Ravensburger Farmyard Selfies Puzzle. This puzzle is a 100 piece XXL jigsaw which is recommended for children of 6+ years old.


The selfies range of puzzles from Ravensburger are quite humorous, showing animals posing as if taking a selfie and the image style is realistic, like a real photograph. When first looking at the puzzle, my kid thought it was a real photograph but actually it is a detailed illustration.

This puzzle includes plenty of animals, and the XXL pieces are quite chunky and less likely to get lost, although with 100 pieces it still offers a level of difficulty suitable for children who have moved out of the preschool range.

I would say that the age recommendation of 6+ is about right for this puzzle, although my 4 year old joined in with it too but it was a little challenging for him, and my 6 year old managed it much better.

ravens2 ravens4

Both of them did enjoy the puzzle, although it is a bit different to the typical puzzles they do as they often focus more on the character based ones such as superheroes, or movie characters, so this one made a change.

The puzzle is a bit tricky in some areas, as there are similar colours in some of the animals, so that kept it more challenging too and meant they had to spend some time completing the puzzle.


Once complete, there is plenty of detail to look at, and my kids enjoyed the finished picture.

T (6) took these two pictures himself of some of the finished animals, for me to share with you



This Farmyard selfies puzzle is available for around 7.99 RRP. Click here to see it on Amazon (affiliate)

If your child would like a harder challenge, you could also try the 500 piece horsing around selfies puzzle, also from Ravensburger, which would suit children of around 10+

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