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My boys always enjoy doing Ravensburger puzzles and recently we tried a 100 piece dinosaur puzzle which has something extra included. It is part of the Puzzle + App so once you have completed your puzzle, you can extend the topic with games and quizzes. This means that the puzzle entertains the children for longer.

ravensburger dinosaur puzzle with appBefore we got on to the app, the boys enjoyed putting the puzzle together as a team. This is 100 piece puzzle and it is recommended for 6+. It is quite tricky in some areas due to lots of similar colours, and details within the puzzle but it is good for 6+ as it is a little more challenging than some of our other puzzles, and the younger boys were still able to help out with finding a lot of the pieces that we needed.

ravensburger dinosaur puzzle piecesThe picture includes around eight different dinosaurs hidden in the scene, all of different species. There is lots of detail to look at and talk about within the finished picture

ravensburger dinosaur 100 piece puzzleThe colours are very effective too. It makes a nice and striking image, with quite a magical feel. The finish of the puzzle is matte so that it does not glare.

ravensburger dinosaur 100 piece puzzleOnce your puzzle is completed, download the Puzzle + App on your android or apple device and hold it over the puzzle, so that your puzzle can be recognised and you will be able to access the games to go along with that puzzle. The three options for this dinosaurs puzzle are panorama, which allows you to explore the puzzle picture, interesting facts, and a dinosaur quiz.

dinosaur puzzle with appThis is a fun way for the children to use their puzzle to learn more on the topic, and the puzzle and app combination appealed to my boys really well. I felt they did learn a lot of new facts from using the app, more so than if they had just completed the puzzle and then moved onto something else.

This dinosaur puzzle is available from Amazon for 8.99 and I would recommend it to others, especially around 6-7 years old.

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