Ravensburger A Day with Grandma and Grandad Puzzles

Ravensburger puzzles are great for all the family. My kids enjoy putting together the children’s puzzles, often featuring some of their favourite characters, and I always find it relaxing to complete the more challenging 1000 piece puzzles.

Recently, I was sent the set of two 500 piece puzzles “A Day with Grandma and Grandad” to try out, and found it really good.


The 500 piece puzzles are great as there’s still an element of difficulty, but you can complete it more quickly – in one day. I normally take a few days on a 1000 piece puzzle, and although I really enjoy them it does mean giving space on the dining table for it until it’s completed. With the 500 piece, it’s quite satisfying to get it all completed in the one day.

Inside the box, the two puzzles come separated into individual bags like the one below. After opening them, I used a zip lock bag for each puzzle to make sure they stay separate once the puzzles have both been completed and stored back into the box.


Each of the puzzles shows a scene all about a day with the grandparents, with one focusing more on Grandma and the other on Grandad. Grandma’s puzzle takes place in the kitchen, with the children baking

Grandad’s puzzle takes place outside in the garden and garage area, as the kids are helping to wash Grandad’s classic car and fix some bicycles.

In both of the puzzles, there’s plenty of detail with lots of little areas to complete within the puzzle. This is something I prefer about Ravensburger puzzles – they make the pictures interesting with a good variety of colours, textures and lots of little objects fitted in to the background to make the puzzle more engaging. It also helps you to complete it as you can focus on each little section.

img_4541 The colour scheme of both puzzles has plenty of greens, yellows and browns and the finished pictures both have a lovely homely atmosphere, and are something that make you smile. The type of picture, and the details, reminds me a bit of the Craft Shed puzzle from the My Haven collection, which I’ve also enjoyed doing before. It’s a similar illustration style.


As with all of the Ravensburger puzzles I’ve used, the quality of the pieces are very good. They fit well together and don’t bend or rip at all. After completing the puzzle and packing it back into the box, it still looks as good as new so could easily be made and re-made more times, or passed on to a friend or relative to enjoy after you finish.


Here’s the finished picture for the Day with Grandad puzzle:


And the image found on the day with Grandma puzzle: (I did complete this one too – actually I did this one first, but can’t seem to find my photo of the finished puzzle unfortunately! I will have to make it again another time)


I would definitely look into getting other 500 piece puzzles from Ravensburger, especially 2 in a set like this, as it offers very good value to buy them as the pack of two (eg from Amazon) The 500 piece puzzles are also really good for older children who need more of a challenge, but wouldn’t be able to attempt a 1000 piece. Although I did a lot of the puzzle myself, my boys did enjoy helping me out on these a bit and as they get older they will be able to manage a 500 piece puzzle themselves. Ravensburger recommend that a puzzle of this size is suitable for ages 10+


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