Ravensburger 3D Graffiti Sneaker Puzzle

The Ravensburger 3D Graffiti Sneaker Puzzle is a really cool puzzle that doubles up as a pencil holder once you’ve finished making it. This double use for the puzzle really appealed to my boys, and they had fun making it as well as using to store and display their colouring pens afterwards.

This puzzle is a 3D puzzle made up of 108 puzzle pieces, and a shoe base that you build the puzzle upon. Then there is a container section that goes inside to hold the pens and pencils easily.

The instructions included are very simple and easy to follow

Like the other Ravensburger 3D puzzles, the pieces have numbers and arrows on the back of each one to help you put the puzzle together in the correct order, so it’s very manageable.

This puzzle is recommended for age 8+, but we found that the younger boys were able to manage well with it too (age 7, and almost 6) and the design of the puzzle appealed to all three of the boys (5-8 years). These 3D puzzles are great for quiet time, for one child to focus and make by themselves, or for teamwork to do it together. Although it has a functional use once built, it can also be dismantled and kept back in the box to make and re-make again like a traditional puzzle – so you have your options open.

To start making the puzzle, you start off the first line from the base of the shoe (which has a couple of pieces to assemble together) and then you’re off and it’s really self explanatory, but gives a great sense of satisfaction to the kids when they see the finished result.

As the kids get building the puzzle, you can soon see that it starts to get shaping up really well.

And here’s the finished sneaker! We really liked the details on it, and the kids enjoyed making this a lot.

The 3D Graffiti Sneaker Puzzle is available for around 14.99 from toy shops online or in store

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