Ramadan Maze and Islamic Crossword Printable Activities

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This month, we’ve got two printables that are perfect to add some fun and learning to your child’s Ramadan this year. 

These 2 fun islamic-themed activities are great for kids and adults to enjoy together, spending time and bonding while learning more about the religion of Islam. 

ramadan crossword and maze activity sheets for kids

As Muslims, we’re taught that this month is a month of fasting. This includes not eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. So, how can you keep your kids busy? I’ve got a couple of printables to help you out.

Actually these Islamic themed activity sheets will work well for Eid too, and all year round.

free printable Ramadan activities for kids. Islamic crossword and Ramadan maze activity sheet.

Islamic Maze Printable Activity Sheet for Kids

This simple maze activity with an Islamic theme asks children to help the boy and girl find their way to the mosque (masjid)

This could be for Taraweeh during Ramadan, for Eid salah on Eid, for Friday prayers on Jumuah or just to pray one of their daily salah in the mosque each day – so you can adapt and use it for any theme in your home or Islamic school.

Islamic maze printable for muslim kids at Ramadan or Eid.  "Help kareem and Aliah find their way to the mosque". Colour and complete the maze

Five Daily Prayers in Islam

Help the kids learn about the names of the five daily prayers (Salah) for Muslims

  • Fajr
  • Dhuhr
  • Asr
  • Maghrib
  • Isha

Bonus: You can talk about extra sunnah salah, how many rukahs are in each salah and so on – depending on your child’s age and level.

Talk about how the times of these prayers varies throughout the season’s depending on the times of sunrise and sunset.

What does Masjid Mean?

Masjid is the Arabic word for mosque, and it literally means a place to do “sujood”. Sujood is prostration, in the Islamic prayers. So a mosque is a place to prostrate, touch your head to the ground and worship.

This is a simple and beautiful meaning! So a mosque can actually be anywhere that you pray, and you can make your own masjid anywhere.

Check out our craft ideas for how to make a mosque from cardboard and other items, to tie in some crafting fun with this activity.

Islamic Crossword for Kids

This crossword includes clues about Ramadan, Eid, and general Islamic basics for kids.

This free printable Ramadan crossword is great for Muslim kids, or for any child who wants to learn about religions and cultures around the world, or for RE lessons in schools.

Ramadan crossword for kids. free printable activity sheet to learn about Islam

Islamic Wordsearch Crossword Questions

  1. The Messenger of Allah
  2. Worship
  3. The first Surah of Quran
  4. We do this from Dawn until sunrise during Ramadan
  5. Those who do good deeds will get this from Allah
  6. This celebration comes at the end of Ramadan
  7. Our Holy book
  8. Sunset time
  9. Where is best to pray?
  10. We do this five times a day
  11. The 9th month of the Islamic calendar
  12. Eat this before you start fasting
  13. This happens at Maghrib time
  14. The way of the Prophet

Ramadan Crossword Quiz Answers

Here are the answers below. You can also use these, and more questions of your own to make a fun Ramadan quiz for kids, with little prizes.

  1. RasoolAllah
  2. Ibadah
  3. AlFatihah
  4. Fasting
  5. Rewards
  6. Eid
  7. Quran
  8. Maghrib
  9. Mosque
  10. Salah
  11. Ramadan
  12. Suhoor
  13. Iftar
  14. Sunnah


You can download these within the Ramadan printable pack below

These activity sheets are in PDF format to print at home

Terms of use: Free for personal use, free for classroom use, free for community use.

The other activities also included in the pack are:

Free Printable Ramadan Word Search

Ramadan Colouring Pages

Prayer Mat Colouring Page for Kids

More Ramadan Activities for Kids

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Islamic crossword and quiz questions for kids at Ramadan

We hope you enjoyed these free printable activities and resources for Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

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  1. These printable activities are a wonderful way to engage children in learning about Ramadan and Islamic traditions. The maze and crossword puzzles provide a fun and interactive way for kids to explore the concepts of prayer, mosques, and Ramadan itself. Thank you for sharing these educational resources for families to enjoy during this special time.


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