How Quickly Time Flies #PowerOfSoft

I am always saying that I can’t believe how quickly the time flies with the kids. It feels like just the other day that Mr Z was born, and now he is in his final year of infant school, and his younger brothers have both started school and nursery this year too. From having my house full with three children age 3 years and under and all the noise and mayhem that they bring, gradually they have each grown up and started school and nursery and now I will have the house empty during the day for part of the week. Those pre-school years just flew by!

From this…

time flies #powerofsoftto this…

time flies #powerofsoftto this taken earlier this week

time flies #powerofsoft(no, it’s not easy to get them to all look properly at the camera at once as you can probably tell!!)

I’m so proud of all the things they are learning each day, and how they are developing and growing but like many mums, sometimes I wish there was a pause button so that we could stop and savour the moments for a little longer! I do sometimes miss their baby days, having a super soft newborn, or having a little one crawling around and learning to walk . Luckily they are all still very soft and cuddly. I make sure to cuddle and snuggle them all the time – none of them have become too big for that just yet!

Fairy non bio understand how fast time flies and how precious all these little moments are. They have seen millions of parents through every babygro, every toddler’s favourite party dress and then, all too soon, that first school uniform.

I always bought Fairy non bio for my babies, and the scent of it is still something that always brings me back to those baby days, especially Mr Z being my first. He was born in summer and I vividly remember the smell of the clean fairy non bio washing and being busy hanging out so much baby laundry out in the sunshine.

Fairy have launched the #powerofsoft campaign to share the message for parents to embrace every moment, and enjoy every soft cuddle they can – while their little ones are the softest they will ever be. Ever cuddle is a precious moment! This is a sentiment I can definitely agree with, and I would always advise mums not to wish away those baby and toddler moments. Those days can be tough, and very tiring but they are so magical.

What do you think? Do you feel the same? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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