Propel RC at the RAF Museum

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to the RAF Museum in Colindale. It’s not the first time we have visited as we are quite local, but this time it was for something a little different, a chance to see and try out the range of remote control helicopters and toys from Propel.

propel remote control helicopters

There is a range of helicopters and for the younger beginner users, they can try the Hovermaxx LED remote control UFO. This was definitely my boys’ favourite. They had a great time challenging each other to keep this in the sky for the longest in the specially set up Space area.

propel remote control UFO space setThe Hovermaxx is able to fly up to 30 feet and seems to be pretty sturdy, even after crashing and bumping into things it is still going strong which is great since other remote control helicopter toys we’ve had before never seen to last well at all, so I have much better hopes for our Proper branded remote control toys.

You can see a video of the Hovermaxx in flight here:

The boys got a Hovermaxx each to take home too so we have been continuing the fun at home.

propel RC hovermaxx remote control UFO

The kids had fun taking part in all the other helicopter related activities too, from pinning the propellor on the helicopter

pin the propellor on the helicopterto making and decorating their own wooden helicopters


and dressing up as helicopter pilots

propel event dressing up as helicopter pilot propel event dressing up as helicopter pilot

The RAF museum is free to enter and if you have children who are interested in planes, then they will love it. Children of 5 or 6+ will also love the Hovermaxx from Propel and once they have mastered that, then there are so many other helicopters from Propel for them to explore too.

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