We are lucky to have a quite large playroom at the back of our house. Being on the ground floor and very close to the living room makes it a lot more practical as my children don’t like to play by themselves upstairs at all – maybe when they are older.
playroom ideas and storage

With 3 children, they have accumulated a lot of toys over the years so we need good storage in the playroom to accommodate them and we have mainly got the expedit system from Ikea. Here are the playroom ideas we have done with our room:

playroom ideas and ikea storage

We have 2 of the 8×4 units along one wall, as this doesn’t come up too high so this gives a surface to keep the larger toys like the garages and basket of teddies, plus the kids tv (it’s an old one which only works to play dvds).

At the moment as you can see, even with so much storage it’s quite a mess. We need to declutter and clear out a lot of the toys because it’s starting to get a bit over whelming in there now with so many things. The categories we have in this wall of Expedit are:

  • 2 sections for books
  • Box for thomas take & play tracks
  • Box for disney planes & hotwheels
  • Imagination box (anything for dressing up or pretend play accessories)
  • 2 sections for Little People / HappyLand
  • 2 sections for character playsets
  • Box for Wow Toys
  • Box for any Spaceship and spacemen toys
  • Box for constructruction with cogs
  • Box for musical instruments
  • Box for electronic toys
  • 2 sections for baby toys – This totally needs to be cleared out now, Mr R is coming up to 2 and a half and none of them play with it. I just haven’t got round to it!!

We have the coloured fabric boxes for Expedit (Drona). They are great value and do look tidy if everything is hidden inside the boxes (although not so much if you have a couple of unmatching ones in there too like me) – BUT it is annoying at times that the children can’t see what is inside them so I have wondered whether it would be better to go with some more transparent ones so that the younger ones would not feel the need to keep emptying everything out to find what they want!

We have another wall of Expedit on the other side of the room too which is the 5×5 one. This fits an amazing amount of stuff in. We use more Drona in the bottom of this to store:

  • Wooden train track, trains and track accessories
  • Chuggington tracks and trains
  • Big and small vehicles
  • Lego and construction toys

The higher levels we have just used as shelves to store board games, puzzles, card games and books. A lot of the wooden puzzles are stacked in baskets. I am thinking of transferring them to a different system like individual plastic boxes or strong ziplock bags.

playroom puzzles storage

We have a couple of boxes where we have put section dividers into the Expedit squares. It’s handy to keep smaller boxes and games but I actually wouldn’t recommend too many of these as they can be a bit awkward .

playroom ikea expedit

On the wall with the 2 x 2×4 we have yet more expedit because we have a small 4×4 unit wall mounted to make a book shelf.

playroom idea ikea expedit storage bookcaseThis is mostly for the paperback books that I don’t want Mr R to rip when I’m not looking, as he’s not yet grown out of that! So it’s better to keep them higher up!

For books that they can all get at any time and are more indestructible, we have a reading corner with a sofa and a book case from Little Devils Direct (see the bookcase review here)

playroom ideas reading corner

We have a world map wall sticker over here, and have alphabet stickers over on another wall -it’s covered a bit though as they have too many dvds on the shelf!

playroom ideas shelves

These shelves are for dvds, plus more books as we ran out of space on the other one! Mr Z and Mr T have their class photos there too. They are Ekby Jarpen / Ekby Bjarnum again from Ikea – I have these in quite a few rooms of the house as they are great shelves for their price. They hold a lot and are strong. We are even considering hiring a London interior decorating company such as KPD Construction https://kpdconstruction.co.uk/ to remodel the playroom to create even more storage space.

We have another photo shelf, also from Ikea. This is the photo ledge from the Ribba series + 3 Ribba frames. I’ve used this to put some decorated 3d photos of all the children, you can see how those were made here. There is also space to display some of their creations like decorated stones, pinecones, clay models or whatever they have proudly made recently!

playroom ideas photo shelves

The last bit of Ikea storage we have in the room is wall mounted Trofast. I decided to break away from Expedit for this one just because the trays are so handy for colouring and craft type things. I’ve also used the top as another shelf for board games and colouring books.

playroom ideas ikea trofast

The final section of the room is the magnet board corner. The easel is also from Ikea and the other side has a chalk board but we hardly turn it around. It’s more useful for magnets for us and their do their chalk outside in the summer or on smaller boards.

playroom ideas magnet easel

So, there is our playroom, which the blog is named after, purely because I was sitting here when I registered the blog address, but I think it works well. It is one of the most used rooms in the house. I love it because it’s nice for the children to have their own space, and also because it allows me to keep the living room more tidy because everything is in here!

The Ikea systems are great and I would definitely recommend them for a good balance or price and functionality, although even with this much storage I do really need to organise myself to clear things out and streamline their toys a bit. I must make time to go through and sort everything into either keep, charity or bin.

How do you store the toys in your house? Are you a fan of Ikea too or do you have any other suggestions? And someone please tell me I’m not the only one in such desperate need of decluttering!

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