Pete’s Dragon Movie Review

A couple of weeks ago we went along to the gala screening of the new Disney movie, Pete’s Dragon – which is out this Friday!

Pete’s Dragon is a remake of a popular 80s Disney movie of the same name, which you might remember. I had never seen the original version so the story was new to me as well as being new to the kids. Since they’re dragon-mad I had no doubt that they would enjoy it, and I was right.

Pete’s Dragon tells the story of a little boy who was in an accident and ended up lost in the woods, without his parents. He meets and befriends a dragon there, who he names Elliott and they live happily there together until one day Pete is discovered by a woodland park ranger. The movie covers all of the adventures that happen next, with Pete trying to get reunited with his dragon.

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Pete’s Dragon is a live action movie which is shot in New Zealand and has such beautiful scenery and colours. The cinematography really is beautifully done. We watched in 3D and the parts where Pete and Elliot and swooping around above the forest are really spectacular! I’ve been really impressed with the live action movies that Disney has been bringing out recently, and Pete’s Dragon is no exception. If you enjoyed the recent live action Jungle Book, then I would definitely recommend Pete’s Dragon for you too.

Since it is live action, I would say it suits slightly older children than the animated movies. School aged children will be fine with it, but maybe not preschoolers.  My children watched this at age 4 (about a week before turning 5), 6 and 8, which were perfect ages for this movie. My youngest is the biggest dragon enthusiast in our house, so he was totally gripped. He has talked about the movie a lot since watching, and has been asking to see it again. It’s definitely one of his favourites that we’ve watched lately.

There is a certain magic in seeing a dragon in a real life setting, rather than in a fantasy world. After watching the movie, my kids have been wondering whether there could really be dragons in the woods, turning invisible as people walk by – just like Elliot. The movie fuels their imagination, and is heartwarming too as you see the bond between Pete and his dragon, and the bonds he slowly makes with the family that rescued him.

At the gala screening, were lucky enough to have a live intro to the movie from one of the stars – Bryce Dallas Howard, and you could see how passionate the cast are about this movie. They have done a great job with it.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, take a look at it below:

If you’re looking for something to take the kids to see this summer, Pete’s Dragon would be a great choice. If you go to see it, let me know what you think!

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