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Whether your kids are off to camp this summer, or would like to play pretend at home, these free personalised summer camp printables from Tiny Me are pretty cool.

These printable books allow you to add your child’s name and gives spaces for them to fill in what they learned in camp, along with their best and funniest moments, and what they missed while they were away. There is space to stick in a photo from camp too, to keep those camp memories for years to come.

Free personalised summer camp printable books to keep summer camp memories



STEP 1 – Print out your Summer Camp Printable Book
STEP 2 – Cut out around the edge of all the pages
STEP 3 – Find the middle crease for the cover page
STEP 4 – Fold the cover down the middle
STEP 5 – Fold the second page down the middle and repeat until all pages are folded
STEP 6 – Using a glue stick, apply glue to the back of your folded pages
STEP 7 – Carefully stick the two page backs together
STEP 8 – Press down firmly to make the page nice and smooth
STEP 9 – Do the same thing on the other side of your folded page with the next page in the book
STEP 10 – Repeat until all of the pages are stuck together to create a book with a cover!

Personalise your printables here. Then download and print for your kids to enjoy.

Personalised summer camp printables for kids

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