Personalised Fridge Magnet Message Board

Today my good friend Eileen is sharing a simple and fun tutorial of how to make a personalised fridge magnet message board, using craft sticks. I love how cute this turned out, and how it can be used to encourage kids in writing and reading.

Hi! I am Eileen who usually blogs at ET Speaks From Home. Thanks to Anna for letting me to guest blog here.

Message Board is always something I wanted to make for my daughter. My daughter loves to play with the alphabet fridge magnets so sticking this message board to the fridge will give her something else to keep her entertained. Also, rather than just doodling, hopefully she can learn a few words by writing her messages on the board.

DIY personalised magnet message board

To make this personalised message board craft, you will need:

  • 1 A4 size magnet board
  • A bag of star foams
  • 8 Lollipop sticks
  • Photo
  • Blu Tack Glu Dots
  • Blu Tack Foam Pads
  • Decorative glitter materials, gold ribbon and googly eyes

lollipop stick frame with glu dots

How to make the personalised magnetic message board

  1. Use the lollipop sticks to make a photo frame. Use the Glu Dots to stick the lollipop sticks together.
  2. Decorate your photo frame using the glitter materials you have. If you would like to create a 3D image, stick the Foam Pads in between the glitter materials.
  3. Cut the photo slightly smaller than the frame and stick it.
  4. Now use the glu dots to stick the photo frame onto the magnet board.
  5. Decorate the border with your own choices of materials. I used star foams to decorate the corner and gold ribbon to finish the look.

Lollipop photo frame

Once complete, place the magnet board and dry marker onto the fridge door. Now you can leave a message for your child or they could write you a message!

personalised photo frame message board

Eileen blogs at ET Speaks from Home and lives happily in the Midlands with her husband and two children aged 7 and 5. Before having children she enjoyed working as a theatre nurse and is now a SAHM to two beautiful children, Mr K and Ms C. She loves to cook, craft, DIY and write about Chinese Culture.

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