Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Jumbo Jet & Peppa Pig Tickle & Giggle

Peppa Pig has popular in our home for a few years now, and the younger boys are always happy to welcome a new Peppa Pig toy into the house. We have been trying out a couple of new Peppa Pig toys and both of them went down very well with them.

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Jumbo Jet

peppa-pig-plane1The Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Jumbo Jet grabbed the boys’ interest straight away. They love transport, and love Peppa so they were immediately quite excited by this one.

The set includes one large jumbo jet toy with a side door that opens up to allow figures to be placed inside. It also comes with a Peppa Pig figure with a plane design on her dress, and two exclusive luggage accessories.

peppa-pig-plane-3These fit very well into the plane and are quite small, but the Peppa figure does have some movable limbs.

The plane is very chunky, is made up of lovely bright colours, and is very gender neutral in it’s look which is great.

As well as the side door opening for passengers, the luggage door also opens up at the back and these are easy for young children to operate.

peppa-pig-plane-2I would recommend this plane to any Peppa Pig fan from age 3 years+, because the figures are on the small side it might not be suited to younger toddlers, depending whether they have stopped putting small pieces in their mouths.

It’s currently available for around 19.99

Peppa pig muddy puddles jumbo jet plane

Peppa Pig Tickle & Giggle

peppa-pig-ticklePeppa Pig Tickle & Giggle is a 10 inch plush Peppa toy with lots of fun sounds. This is a great interactive toy as Peppa’s responses react to the child’s touch as they tickle the toy. As they tickle their toy Peppa, she asks them to tickle left or right which helps children to learn these directions and when they have done it well Peppa says you are a better tickler than Mummy / Daddy.

The sound quality on this toy is good, it’s all very nice and clear and of course true to the show with the accurate Peppa Pig voice.

Mr R (3) found it hilarious to hear Peppa giggling and talking and Mr T (4) also really likes this toy.

The Peppa Pig Tickle & Giggle is nice and soft and they love to snuggle her, it makes a great cuddly toy for bedtime as well as playtime.

peppa-pig-tickle2This is another lovely Peppa Pig toy that’s very suited to either boys or girls and would be loved by any Peppa Pig fan. This toy is recommended for age 3+ but I think younger ones would probably be okay with it too.

Peppa Pig Tickle & Giggle is currently available for around 12.99 which is a great price for a talking interactive character branded cuddly toy like this! I think any Peppa Pig fan would definitely get the value out of that.

Do you kids watch Peppa Pig? Which of the toys would they like most?

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