Baby “Thrill-o-meter” – Most Exciting Tastes for Babies

 ellas kitchen Most Exciting Tastes for Babies

The world’s first ‘baby thrill-o-meter’ was recently unveiled to capture and measure the thrill experienced by little ones when they try new and different foods.
The study, by Ella’s Kitchen, provides a unique insight into babies’ physiological reactions when they try a variety of different fruits, vegetables and spices. The results are based on the babies Galvanic Skin Response which helps to show how excited they were within the first 10 seconds of trying each taste.

Babies reactions to food - What are the most Exciting Tastes for Babies

The results are in:

Top 10 most exciting tastes for babies:

1.       Mango

2.       Cinnamon

3.       Lemon

4.       Coconut

5.       Banana

6.       Papaya

7.       Red pepper

8.       Apricot

9.       Sweet potato

10.     Carrot

Have a look at the video to see more:

About the research:

10 babies aged 9 – 11 months with an even gender split participated in the study.  The babies were connected to bio-monitoring equipment to monitor Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). The babies were required to try each of the 10 different foods and their reaction was monitored using the thrill-o-meter within 10 seconds of the food hitting the babies’ taste buds.

 All babies tasted the food in the same order, presented in the same way, within a similar time period.  Within-subject comparisons of GSR scores and facial expressions were used to create a ranking for each baby.  These rankings were compared between-subject to deliver an average ranking across the 10 babies tested.  As an additional measure, calibration and base-lining techniques were used to account for variability in baby physiology and emotional responses, and any changes in environmental factors between tests.

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