Missing a Tooth? You Have More Options Than Ever

Missing a Tooth? You Have More Options Than Ever

Not so long ago it was generally accepted that once you were of a certain age your teeth would sit in a glass on your bedside table at night. Thankfully, with huge strides being made in dental treatment and people being more proactive in their dental care, we are holding onto our own teeth for longer than ever. There may still be a time when, despite all efforts to save it, you lose a tooth. So what options are available to fill that gap?


No longer restricted to those with a huge bank balance, All on 4 dental implants are a hugely popular choice to fill that gap. An implant is a false tooth created from titanium alloy that is attached to a screw. This screw is drilled into your jaw bone making the implant permanent.   Once the implant has settled you can treat it like any of your other teeth. They don’t last forever but with good dental hygiene you should get at least 10-15 years service from your implant. If you want to know more speak to Weybridge Dental Surrey for tooth implants information. They will tell you everything you need to know and run you through the implant process from start to finish. Implants are suitable for single or multiple tooth loss.


Bridges are another permanent solution to a lost tooth. A bridge is an artificial tooth which is attached to the tooth at each side of the missing one, effectively bridging the gap. The success of a bridge very much depends on the strength of the teeth it’s being attached to. As long as they are solid in the jawbone and not loose of decayed, which will weaken the tooth, a bridge should be an option available to you. A bridge is best suited to a gap of no more than 3 teeth as every day activities can put a lot of stress on the teeth it’s attached to.


Such improvements have been made in dentures that you often cannot even tell them apart from your own teeth. The major difference with a denture is that it can be removed which some people struggle with. A good fitting denture should not move around but if you prefer extra stability there are various fixatives available to hold them securely in place. Dentures can take a lot of getting used to depending on how large they are and how many teeth are attached. A full set of dentures, where all the natural teeth have been extracted, will cover the entire roof of your mouth which will seem very strange at first.

Leave It

If the gap the missing tooth has left is at the back and isn’t impacting how you talk or eat, the option is always there to just leave it. Once your gum has healed, and if it’s not causing you an issue, you need do nothing more. However, bear in mind that food could get caught in there, your gum could get sore and you have to get right into that gap when brushing your teeth to protect those on either side. 

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