Milestone Moments : Preparing for the Future

One of the most life changing moments anyone can experience is becoming a parent. Your family dynamic changes, especially with your first baby but also with each subsequent child. I remember so well that overwhelming feeling of love and responsibility when you realise that you are responsible for this tiny little human.
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As parents, we all want nothing but the best for our children. I remember carefully planning out each of their nurseries and prams, choosing them educational toys and books and researching what schools they should go to. Even when they are little babies, we wonder and dream about what the future will hold for them; What will they be when they grow up? Where will they travel? What will their own children be like? As well as these wistful thoughts about the future, we also felt the need to plan for any possible problems too. With just the pair of us we hadn’t really worried, but with each child we added to the family we definitely felt aware that each child needs to be cared for if, God forbid, any serious problems happened with their health or with us, their parents. When each child was born, we’ve always had the discussion about making sure all of our insurance packages are up to date and that we are happy with the coverage that we have. We have at times used private health and dental insurance for the whole family, and we are always sure to have life insurance (such as Aviva Life Protection) for ourselves – especially for my husband as the main earner in the family. In times of difficulty the last thing that we would need is to be worrying about money, especially about whether we could pay for our home and even face the possibility of uprooting the kids.

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