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miioonMiioon is a new company with a range of customisable children’s clothes which they can help to design themselves on the computer. We have been testing out the ruckjack which has been perfectly timed for back to school.

The Ruckjack is a jacket which transforms into a rucksack. To make the ruckjack, there are a few easy to follow instructions on the website. First you choose your item

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 23.01.48then select the colour, and the choice of lining: Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 23.02.08Mr Z decided to go for a red ruckjack with the Animaru lining. The other colour option is blue, and the other lining option is Moshi Monster. Whichever lining you choose would then be the outside print once your ruckjack coat is transformed into a bag. The coat is also reversible so your child could choose to wear it with some of the pattern showing.

There are also supposed to be oonits customisable zip pulls which can be added to the coat, and you can add up to 3 per coat. We did design these on the website and they are quite fun and unusual looking, with a lot of variety – but ours didn’t arrive with the coat so I haven’t been able to try them out. Mr Z is still happy with his coat anyway, as red is his favourite colour and the Animaru lining is cute and fun. It makes it easy to identify his coat quickly if it has been misplaced, as it won’t easily be mixed up with other children’s!

ruckjackMr Z has the coat in size 5-6 years which fits him perfectly, so I would say they are very true to size. Because the Animaru design is concealed inside the coat, it is plain enough to wear to school. The material of the ruckjack is water resistant and is a good quality. Its fabric is: Shell: 100% Nylon Teflon & Lining 100% Polyester and Inner 100% Thinsulate.The coat is very well made and is machine washable.

To see how to transform it into a rucksack watch the video below:

Here’s our ruckjack transformed into a bag. It is fairly easy to do although I am not sure how often we would make it into the bag and think it will get more use as a coat.

ruckjackbagYou can also make pyjama bottoms, tshirts or a swoopercape on miioon.com! It would make a nice gift for a child as it is something a bit different and unique. Especially any children who are very into Moshi Monsters would love the Moshi Monsters prints. Animaru is not something Mr Z was already familiar with but the print is very cute and includes loads of different animals, so I don’t think it is something they would need to know already to enjoy including this on the clothing.

A free gift of fun shoe laces is also given as a little extra, which was a nice surprise as although it is mentioned on the website – I had forgotten!

Overall I am happy with the Ruckjack. It is a good quality coat which will last well, and then it has the extra fun element added so that keeps both me and Mr Z happy!

Update to the post: Once Miioon heard that Mr Z’s oonits had not arrived with his coat they rushed to have them sent out straight away, along with a personal note, and he now loves his coat even more especially the ginger bread man Oonit! I can not fault the customer service at all – very friendly and helpful. These are our Oonits – very cute! There is a massive selection on the site so plenty to choose from


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