Mermaid Sewing Project for Kids

These mermaid cushions make a great first sewing project for kids. They are really manageable to complete and the end result looks so cute.

Mermaid sewing for kids. Really easy first sewing project and looks so cute. Can be used as a mermaid cushion or mermaid stuffed toy

We used this kit from Baker Ross (£4.70 for 2 mermaids or £19.90 for 10) which includes all the supplies that your child will need to complete this sewing project, including cut felt to decorate.

To make each mermaid you need:

2 pieces of felt in the mermaid outline. Pre-punched templates like these make it much easier for kids to sew around the edge evenly.

Needle and thread. This kit uses wool which is thicker and easier to manage.

Stuffing for the inside of the mermaid

Felt shapes to decorate with the details of the mermaid. The ones included here are self adhesive so you don’t need any fabric glue.

supplies for mermaid sewing projectThis set is available in an assortment of colours from Baker Ross.

Z (6) made this stuffed mermaid. The activity is suitable for ages 5+. Z has done a few sewing projects before but doesn’t tend to feel confident in sewing, so the ease of this kit is ideal. With some concentration, children will get a really neat result that can build their confidence in sewing.

IMG_8307Once the outside edge is nearly all sewn up, it’s time to stuff the mermaid. This was a really fun part.

stuffing a sewn cushion project for kidsThen, finish off the last bit of sewing and you’re ready to decorate the mermaid.

stuffed mermaid sewing projectAdding on the adhesive felt shapes gives a huge transformation to the basic mermaid shape.

sewing mermaid project for kids

Ta – da! Your very easy, DIY mermaid is completed.

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