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Since we got our copy of Mario Party 10 this has quickly become a favourite in our family. The kids really enjoy playing this game on Wii U, and they love to see grown up family members getting involved too – whether it’s us parents or other visiting relatives. Mario Party 10 is a very social game that works really well with multiple players, which is a definite positive to me.

mario party 10

We had not played Mario Party 9 before, so the Mario Party games were something new for us. The game involves riding in a car around a board game type map. Each player rolls the dice to see how many spaces they will move, all the time running away from Bowser. There are also mini games included (over 70 in the game) that you will get to play during the game.

bowser in mario party 10

My kids really love the character of Bowser. I guess they are always drawn to a villain! But they find him really funny and cool, and they love that you have the option of playing as Bowser yourself. While playing as Bowser you can use features within your Wii U Game Pad such as blow into the Game Pad to blow fire onto the players, as Bowser. While playing in Bowser party mode, you can have up to 5 players – 4 regular characters and 1 as Bowser.

There is also an Amiibo party mode where you can use the figurines such as Bowser or Princess Peach. Amiibos are a great way to combine the game play on the screen and a more tactile play outside of the screen, and my boys are getting quite keen on collecting these.

Watch this video to get more of an idea of the game:

Mario Party 10 is available to buy on Amazon for Nintendo Wii U, current price £24.85

To play a 4 or 5 players, you will need a Wii U controller for each player. We bought some extras from Amazon including a cute Yoshi one.

We would definitely recommend Mario Party 10 as a great social game to play as a group, at family get togethers or as a way for all siblings to play together in one game.

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  1. I liked this game mainly because it’s so easy to pick up and play. No backstory or experience required – so perfect for parties when you have lots of kids over. You can do 5 players on the Bowser mode if you have enough controllers.


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