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The boys always love to bake with me, and recently we have had some exciting new baking products to try out so Mr T and Mr R (4 and 2) were very keen to get in the kitchen and help me to try them out.  We decided on making decorated biscuits in cute shapes, Mr T and Mr R did the actual baking and then Mr Z helped with the decorating once he was back from school.

decorated biscuits

We used this recipe from BBC food to make the biscuits, but not the icing.

toddler making biscuits

Mr R loves to take over with the mixing, so I let him be mostly in charge of that and Mr T poured the ingredients in for him.  When our dough was ready, we used colourful biscuit cutters from Unique Home Living. These have stars, hearts, teddy bears and sunshine shapes in four different colours. The boys really enjoyed choosing the shapes and colours that they wanted and the stars and hearts seemed to be their favourite. It’s a fun way for them to reinforce learning about their shapes and colours.

toddler making biscuits

This kept them busy for a long time, pressing out their shapes then rolling the dough again and pressing some more. Mr R has been developing a lot of independence since turning 2 so he wanted to do as much as he could by himself, while I just watched and chatted to them and helped out where needed.

Once the shapes were ready, we placed them onto our new Pyrex glass multipurpose cooking sheet. I was really interested to try this out, as a big fan of Pyrex products. I had never tried a glass baking tray, although I do bake a lot of main meals in the traditional Pyrex glass casseroles. The glass cooking sheet looks so much more appealing than a regular baking tray, and I preferred it so much more. Nothing sticks to it, so there is no need for any foil or baking sheet – which means it is less wasteful and less costs as well as being prettier! We ended up making quite a lot, this is 1 of about 3 batches going into the oven.

toddler making shaped biscuits

We left all the biscuits to cool down while we picked up Mr Z from school, then we were ready to decorate. Mr Z always likes to do a fun activity after school so he was pleased to hear he was going to be decorating biscuits. We had been sent a biscuit and cake decoration set from Unique Home Living with lots of decorating bottles with different ends for icing and piping, and we decided to use Cake Angels chocolate fudge icing with this.

making decorated biscuits - biscuit decoratingTo get started, I loaded the fudge icing into the decorating bottles for the children to squeeze out. They did find these a little tricky to use – but I’m not sure whether a slightly runnier icing would have been easier. Cake Angels chocolate fudge icing is really yummy though, so they used a spoon to add some on to their biscuits and then used the spatula from the Unique Home Living set to smooth it out. We had lots of lovely decorations to use from Cake Angels (you may remember seeing some of these in our Sweetshop Pancakes post) so the boys sprinkled all sorts of colourful decorations over the biscuits, and really enjoyed their making decorating biscuits.

I kept some of the biscuits aside so that I could decorate them a little more tastefully! I wanted to use some of the handmade royal icing decorations I had from Cake Angels to make some cute themed biscuits, some with a transport theme (which you can see on the picture at the top) and some with a summer theme.

making decorated biscuits


They looked and tasted great, and were so easy and fun to do.

Do your little ones love baking and making decorated biscuits?  Let me know about any useful products you have tried lately, or any tips and ideas you have to share for baking. 

Samples provided from Unique Home Living, Pyrex and Cake Angels
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  1. I have just got very excited about your glass baking tray *squeal* I’ve been doing a lot of baking recently and like trying new things but good old biscuit making is ace isn’t it. I would love to make some of those beautifully iced ones. I picked up some Cake Angels products recently and have been very impressed.
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