How to Make a Football Goal Craft

To go along with our pom pom shooters, Mr Z and I made some simple football goals using pipe cleaners, wool and duck tape. You will need to lean the goal at an angle against the wall, and can then use it as a target when shooting your pom poms.

How to make a football goal / soccer goal craft

You will need:

  • A bunch of pipe cleaners
  • Wool
  • Duck tape
  • Scissors

(+ paper cups, balloons and pom poms for your shooters)

Method: How to make a football goal craft

Take 2 groups of pipe cleaners. We used about 3-4 per side to give it more strength.

Fold the ends over each other to link them together until you have a rectangle shape with 4 interlinked sides, with corners like the ones shown below.

how to make a football goal craft


One all the sides are connected, you can add a little duck tape over each corner just to seal it more firmly.

Then measure out strips of wool to lay across one side of the goal to the other.

how to make a football goal craft

Mr Z enjoyed measuring these. If there is too much slack in the wool, you can tighten this up before adding the final Duck tape.



Add the duck tape to secure these strips of wool before adding the next layer for a net effect. One the first side is complete, then just turn the goal frame around and repeat exactly the same step joining wool from the other two sides, then securing with Duck tape once again.

how to make a football goal craft


Add plenty to make it all secure.

Our end result was a little rough but it serves it well enough with the pom pom shooter. You can try aiming for different sections of the net to make up some challenges.

goal and pompom shooter




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