Make a Bar: Design and Make your Own Chocolate Bars

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The idea of designing their own chocolate bar and putting it together themselves definitely appealed to my boys. We used Make a Bar chocolate factory creative kits to make these yummy chocolate bars, which is an activity and a treat in one!

It will take some practise to get the bars looking really perfect, but they loved decorating their own bars – and eating them up too.

how to make your own personalised design chocolate bars

To make these we used kits from Make a Bar (sent for review) which includes a pack of dark, milk and white chocolate to make each bar – along with a plastic tray to set the chocolate bar. Or you can create your own bespoke creations by adding other ingredients from known chocolate manufacturing suppliers such as Galaxy or Swizzels.

make a bar chocolate factory kit for kids

To make your chocolate bars, first you must melt the chocolate packets using a bowl of warm water. Make sure to leave them long enough inside the water that they are fully melted into liquid and easy to squeeze out

melting chocolate in a bowl of warm water

Once the chocolate is melted, tape the templates under the plastic tray and then squeeze your outline using dark chocolate,and then fill in with white chocolate.

make a bar chocolate factory

Once the design has been filled in with the white chocolate, then cover the entire space with melted milk chocolate to form the back of the chocolate bar. To squeeze out each of the colours of chocolate, you snip a small hole at the corner of the packet to create a nozzle type effect.

Then, place your bars into the fridge to set and once they are done, remove from the molds to reveal your own personalised chocolate bars!

personalised design chocolate

Above you can see a cat and a flower, and below you see ice cream cones.

The ice cream ones were the first designs my kids tried, and they didn’t come out perfectly since they were just learning the technique, but they still loved them!

ice cream design chocolate bars

There are lots of different designs included in each pack, and you can print out more for free on the website or even design you own with the special app.

These personalised chocolate bars would be a fun gift for kids to make and give at special occasions, like make for mum or Dad on Mother’s Day or Father’s day or make as a surprise gift for siblings and friends.

You can buy currently the kits in single packs or in special edition Minion packs. Recommended for age 4+

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