Little Bambino Bags Review: Pre-made Hospital Bags

Little Bambino Bags are a new company selling pre-made hospital bags for when you go in to have your baby. Although they’re new, they’ve quickly become really successful and are very popular on Facebook (check them out at their Facebook page here)

As soon as I heard of Little Bambino Bags, I thought it was a really useful and practical idea. I’m one of those people who tends to leave packing the hospital bag to the last minute, as I have lots to do especially with four kids, so anything that makes life easier is very welcome! Usually, when you go for a time saving option like this, you’ll find yourself paying a premium for it but with Little Bambino Bags I was also really impressed with the prices that the bags are offered at – especially considering they come fully packed with all of your essentials! Each bag is available for under 50.00, which you can easily spend on just a bag by itself when looking for a nice changing bag.


The bags that they pack everything in are really pretty, with a wide choice of designs available, and they are a generous size that works as a changing bag once you’re home from the hospital.

I went for the Blossom bag, which is one of the most popular designs. It wasn’t easy to choose though as there are so many lovely ones! This is the medium sized Blossom bag, and the size has been ideal for me.

I did rearrange the contents a bit to suit my needs, so I took out the baby toiletries to keep at home, and I have two hospital bags: One for baby and one for me. The Little Bambino Blossom bag is the one I’m using for my own things, so I have transferred some of the baby items from the bag into my 2nd changing bag for the baby and then I easily fitted my nighties, clothes, nursing bras, snacks, phone charger, headphones, and other essentials into this bag for myself along with the travel toiletries, maternity pads and nursing pads that were sent in the bag.

I find the two changing bags as hospital bags system works very well as you’ll have plenty of space for everything and can easily find everything, but without going OTT. I see a lot of ladies packing suitcases for hospital, but in the postnatal wards I’ve been in so far there’s very little room as I’ve always been in the cubicles and never put into a private room, so I find a bag like this is much easier to open out and find things in when you’re within that restricted space.


There are a few different packages available with the Little Bambino maternity bags. You can go for a specific breastfeeding or specific organic bag if you prefer those products, or you can go with the standard option which is the maternity bag which I’ve shown here. They also have combined bags which mix some of the different options, and if you’re having a multiple birth then they can put together a package that will be appropriate for your situation too.

You can see the full contents list for each option here

The standard option which I received, has all of the hospital essentials like maternity pads, breast pads, nappies and nappy bags, wipes and sudocrem. It also has small travel sized toiletries for mum, like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush and paste kit and shower gel which are really handy as it saves you using up too much space on the full sized versions when you’ll hopefully only be in hospital for a couple of days. They also give you the disposable knickers, a small hair brush, and handy little extras like a packet of pocket tissues which I know I wouldn’t have remembered to include!

These toiletries all come sealed and taped up to prevent leaks, which is a good idea as that’s the last thing you’d want – when you’ve just given birth you really don’t need the extra stress!


You also get a full range of baby toiletries inside the bag, with the range in the standard bag being Johnsons baby. I’ve actually taken these out of my hospital bag to keep at home, as I’m hoping to come home quite quickly so wouldn’t necessarily need the full range at the hospital – but I do appreciate these being included, as they’ll be needed soon after at home and with products like these you can never have too many, as they’re used often and the last thing you need is to run out and find yourself having to rush off to the supermarket at an inconvenient time.


You also get a blanket, baby hat, muslin, bib, scratch mittens and disposable changing mat, as well as a few other extras which you can see in the full list – so you can see why I was impressed with the good value. When buying all of the bits separately yourself it would soon add up. I don’t think I would have managed to buy all of these things and a changing bag and have the total come in below this price.

Little Bambino Bags are a small business, set up by one stay at home mum with a baby, who had this practical idea and it just took off! I’ve found them really friendly and helpful, and it’s great to support a small business while getting everything you need in such a convenient way – especially when it’s available for such a competitive price, so I would definitely recommend checking them out for your hospital bag needs.

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